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American Breakfast, NY Bagels, Donuts, Street Food, Sandwich, Hotdog, Pizza, Diners, Cheese, Deep Fried, Ice Cream & More!!


Brunch is a mash up of Breakfast and Lunch which includes light hearted meal including Salty, Sweet & Alcohol sometimes which becomes a party of sorts as you get out of Bed may be at Noon
hanging out with friends with perfected Brunch meals is a great combo

In the Victorian Era, British students started with this slang Brunch & had gotten

Sunday can be little relaxing with extra sleep through enjoying late on Saturday

when people were still traveling by Train rather than Planes
Movie Stars, Singers, Writers stopped at the Pumproom in the Ambassador East Hotel in Chicago for a late Breakfast or Early Lunch
In 1930's, the Journalism & Gossip were gaga over the exotic meal called Brunch which people followed

Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant, Bubby's Restaurant & Bar, Sarabeth's Restaurant, Balthazar etc. top the list with long lines

On top of the menu is the Eggs Benedict (English Muffin topped with Ham/Bacon with Poached Eggs dolloped with ) started in NY Del Monico's that introduced Fine Dining in USA
Waffles topped with Strawberries & Bananas
started by Thomas Jefferson a smart Entrepreneur brought back Gourmet Dining especially Waffle Maker from France
Drinks such as Bloody Mary (a Cold Spicy drink with ingredients like Tomato Juice Horseradish Celery Lemon Juice Black Pepper Tobasco Vodka of course) can be indulged without Guilt!
started in 1920's with Russian Revolution Aristocrats fleeing to France

In London drink with Orange Juice & Champagne
In Paris Mimosa with Orange

Advertising Giant Albert Lasker started to push Orange Drink as Health Drink instead of eating it
In 1980 the Influenza was thought to be a dose of Vitamin C to prevent diseases

The ever popular Cereal & Milk came in as Breakfast early in the morning comes as an American experience
So the Cold Cereal invented by 2 Men Doctor-Patient in mid 1800's when the Sanitoriums were like the Health Resorts/Spa's of today offering Pure Water etc.
John Kellogg started a Sanitorium in Michigan started a Vegetarian Breakfast to cleanse the body called Cereal which was invented by accident by Brother William Keith Kellogg who had left out Boiled Wheat on Heat which went stale as a Flake toasted as Cereal
Charles Post came in as a Patient at Kelloggs who eventually started his own Sanitorium in Battle Creek Michigan as a Wellness Movement
Wheat & Barley Grape Nuts

50 Years later the Cereal war still goes on but Post started using Sugar in his Cerela which is popular with Kids who can make their own Breakfast
Though earlier it was a nutritious experience rather like today where most of it is all about Sugar boost!!

classic Irish Breakfast Corn Beef Hash best at Big Al’s Diner, Cleveland OH
especially on the occasion of St. Patricks Day


Scott Rossillo's The Bagel Store in Brooklyn makes authentic NY city Bagel & Cream Cheese in a variety of flavours!

great Grandfather had a food cart in NY
Authentic Bagels have Malt as their ingredient

Viennese Baker shaped Dough like Bagel
In the Lower East Side of NY there were many Bakers who got the Bagel from their Countries
Cream Cheese Bagel was popularized by a Connecticut Baker & New York Style Lender's Bakery

In the 1950's & 1960's, the Processed Food transported all over the country
NY had a Schmear of Cream Cheese on Bagel original Jewish Breakfast

In 1847, American Sea Captain Gregory & his Mother Elizabeth started Doughnuts with a Hole (his Mother used to put Nuts which he pushed from center thus the Hole in the later batches!)
now the Doughnut like Creme Brulle has gone Gourmet

Whether its Freudian Theory about Bacon which transformed as a Health Phenomenon, Healthfood Cereal Rivals, Industrial Revolution banished Beer from the Breakfast table, Stumptown Coffee Roasters i.e; the Coffee Shop Culture,


Cafe Du Monde (The Original French Market Coffee Stand) in New Orleans, Louisiana
Beignets were brought to Louisiana by the Acadians which originally were fried Fritters (in Cottonseed Oil), sometimes filled with Fruit
At Present, the Beignet is a Square piece of Dough, Fried and Dusted with Powdered Sugar served in orders of 3

Kanes Donuts in
Chef Maria & Paul Father started in 1988
Famous Hand Crafted like the Honey Dipped, Twisted Crawlers, Raspberry Filled, Fresh Cream with Raspberry, Giant 32 Inch Coffee Roll
Flour, Sugar, Baking Soda, Spices like the Nutmeg, Mace
Rolled in Powdered Sugar

Randy's Donuts in
Fast, Drive Through always Fresh

Spudunut Shop in 1939 in Salt Lake City, UT
now the Shop is still going strong in Richland, WA
Owner at present is Daughter Val Driver whose Father Barlow Ghirardo started this Buisness 38 years back
these are different as they are made with Potato Flour which makes these not as Heavy, Greasy or Sweet like the Regular Donuts
Famous for their Traditional Cake Donut, Spuddies, Spuffins (Blueberry/Raisin Bran) or Healthy   with Coffee

Top Pot Doughnuts in Seattle, WA
Owners Brothers Mark & Michael Klebeck, Robert Progebin Baker
inspired by John Graham's Architecture
Seattle Special Roasted Coffee & Donuts made in a Refurbished Machine from 1950's
Traditional Light & Fluffy along with Unique Artisan Donuts
Flavors like Maple, Raspberry, Pink Feather Boua

Owner mark Doughnut Plant in New York City, NY
Owner Mark Israel started in 1994 inspired by his Grandfather's Recipes from 1930's
Gourmet Flavors like Pistachio, Pomegranate, Raspberries Glaze, Square Jelly Donut with Filling, Lemon Donut etc.
International Locations in South Korea & Japanwith Local Flavors like Green Tea & Black Sesame Seeds

The Immigrants journey to the US had their own versions of the 'Comfort Food' they brought along like the Pizza etc.


Just after Civil War in around 1882, game of Baseball, Drink of German Beer & Food was a combination of Hot Dogs but only in 1916, Clony Island was a retreat away from Cities
Nathan's by Nathan Handwerker was open all year & became famous after Eltmans
England's King & Queen were served this Hot Dog

On the contrary, Bahn Mi (the Vietnamese Version of the Hot Dog) became quite popular through the French Colonialism in Vietnam during 1857
Pickled Cucumbers, Daikon, Pork rounds, Carrot in French Baguette Bread

By 20th Century in 1930's, New York's first Street Food was Oysters but all across the country there were Baked Potatoes (bought to keep hands warm), Popcorn, roasted Almonds/Peanuts, mixed Pie Pumpkin Pie Lamb Pie, Clam Pie, Hot Dogs etc.

Veterans came back from the World War 2 who wanted to stay home & raise a Family so came the 'Car Culture'!
In 1950's National Highways helped people to go to work on freeway, eat something Hot & cheap on the way (eat in your car) more in people's own private Castle
During Depression, Brothers Dick & Mac McDonald in San Bernadino Mc Donald's BBQ but soon reinvented by starting the Hamburgers in 1948
Assembly Line System 'speedy food system'- ready in 60 seconds wrapped in paper, homogeneity, convenience, driving in their brand new Cars
In 1954-55, Milkshake Machine Salesman Ray Crock became a pioneer of American Fast Food, saw the possibilities of McDonald's business so he offered to be the first Franchisee which took only 3 years to reach the Milestone 100 Million hamburgers (also of serving same food coast to coast)!
By 1959 about a 100 locations were there & by 1961 Ray Crock bought the Franchisee for 2.7 Millions which now is 79 Billion Dollars!!

In 1950's coming out of Vietnam PA people fled
Unemloyment soared but in 1970's the city could feel proud of their 'Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich'

Pat's King of Steaks is where Rocky' movie was filmed which was like a symbol of PA, story of a Boxer coming out of adversity to succeed

In 1930 Pat Oliveri's Hot Dog cart started Cheese Steak inspired take on Lunch
Beef Shavings, Hot Dog on Bread
original Cheese was Provolone but the creamy Whiz Cheese in Cans came much later
Swiss Cheese doesn't get the same flavour out

Geno's Steaks started in 1960's as a rival of Pat's

International Street Foods:
The Beijing Night Market offered Scorpions Worms Sea Horses Silkworms Lizards are all good for Health like Medicine

In 1990's Tech Bubble started where Americans started traveling the World
Immigration bought more Global cuisine to the US, so as a 'Foodie' one goes the extra mile to discover the next best thing!

Chef's Mary Su Meligan & Susan Feniger trained in French Fine Cuisine but were pioneers of Global Street Food in USA inspiring Globe Trekking Foodies
Mexican became a part of their US Kitchens called 'Border Grill'
Achiote Chipotle Chillies Anchas Corn Masas Tamarind etc.

In 2008, Government had to step in to save the economy
the Food Truck started to enter other than Working People to the elevated league

Kogi BBQ Trucks in LA in 2008
started when Mark McGuira got married in a Korean Family who along with Roy Choi- Chef Co Owner, Alice Shin- Creative Director
Fusion Tacos of Mexican & Korean & one of the first to use Facebook, Twitter interacting with consumers

Ludo Bites was a concept of a Touring Restaurant of new Menu competed on LA Street Food Fest & became famous with a Truck

Calexico Truck, Korilla Truck, Rottisol & Greens Truck Healthy Cooking, Euro Trash, 
Vendy's Award held at Governer's Island in NY choose the best Food Truck


NY famous for Pastrami Sandwich, Philadelphia is famous for Cheese Steak
German & Polish Food is famous in Pennsylvania

Big D's Grub Truck In NY

Nardelli's Grinder Shoppee Sandwiches are popular in Naugatuc, Connecticut (CT) since 1922
Started in 1921 by 3 Italian Brothers which after 3 generations, the Original Owners are still running 3 different locations with secret Italian Special Marinade Bread
Famous for the Original Italian Meat Combo's like Capicola (Pure Pork), Fermented Sausage Prozitini, Mortadella, Prosciutto, Sapresatta, Pastrami

Jersey Mike's Subs Point in Pleasent Beach, New Jersey (NJ) since 1976
most popular original Submarines, more than 300 locations nationwide
original menu had 9 items compared to now with Vegetarian options as well
Turkey Ham Provolone Bacon Oil Vinegar

Primanti Bros. Sandwich on 18th & Primanti St. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania since 1930's open midnight till Morning on Primanti Way
Fresh Beef, Cabbage, Fresh Cut Fries, Cole Slaw OIl & Vinegar Italian Style with Seasonings
Truckers & late Night favorite Meat Cheese Tomatoes Coleslaw Italian Bread Fries are in the Sandwi
sell 50 loaves of Bread with their Tender yet Firm Fries

Philippe French Dipped Sandwiches Deli since 1908 in Los Angeles CA
Owner Phillipe started
Richard Binder Co-owner
6 miles from Hollywood near Chinatown & Union Station, this area was known as French Town
6 Whole Beefs are cooked on a Bed of Carrots, Onions etc.
20,000 a week sold Single, Double or Completely Dipped Beef, Pork, Ham, Turkey or their Second Best Lamb!!
Served with Secret homemade Spicy Mustard recipe (it is Hot beyond Wasabi's!)

Peanut Butter & Co. Sandwich in Greenwich Village NY City since 1998
In this Bohemian Capital of USA, Owner Lee Zalben serves only Peanut Butter Sandwich in his Old Country Kitchen Mom's Style
21 different items
White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Dreams, Cinnamon Raisin Swirls with Granny Smith Apples, Maple & Honey

Sandwiches like Lunch Box Special, Decadent Elvis has PB Banana Bacon grilled with Honey on Wholewheat Bread, PB Pickle esp for Pregnant, classic PB & Jam with Potato Chips & Carrot Sticks, Peanut Butter BLT etc.
Celebrity like Jerry Seinfeld frequents here & has Co Authored Lee's Book


Even though Americans consume about 13 Billion every Year, it is the Taste that counts to make sure the Essence of America stay intact!!

Louis Lunch on Chestnut Rice Rd. est 1895 in New Haven Connecticut
In around 1900 Loiue Lasen wanted to use leftover Beef which he ran through a Grinder, made a Patty, Grilled & put in between 2 Breads to make Food for a Customer in hurry to make the first ever Hamburger

Secret is the use of 5 different Blends Ground Fresh every day with the Patties grilled in the same Machine dated Year 1898!
Ketchup isn't necessary as Meat is worked on with such dedication that you wont need it!

Mayor of the City is proud of this Food Joint with its Old Fashioned Furniture, Machines, Home like Tradition!
its surprising that an offer from McDonald's was rejected to keep the traditional setting intact!

White Castle (What You Crave) started in Wichita Kansas since 1921 (9 Decades!) modeled by a Chicago Building
their Tagline is 'Buy 'em by the Sack' Owners Billy & Ingram
sold at 5 Cents back in the day but even now the Regulars/Cravers vouch for them!
there is also a 'Cravers Hall of Fame'!
White Castle was the first to sell their Burgers (microwaveable Cheeseburgers) in Grocery stores, first to sell in Vending Machines & also the first to sell a Billion Burgers
the famous Paper Hat mass production also started with them
In 1950's, the 2.5 Inch Square Meat Patty with 5 holes was suggested by a crew member to let the flavor of Onion & Meat better come through without the need to turn the Patty, just taken off Grill & put on a Bun served with Pickles
At present there more than a dozen chains in the US with 35,000 places to get to Burger King, Carl's Jr., Fatburger, In-n-Out Burgers, Johnny Rockets Burgers, McDonald's, Wendy's etc.

Some ** Eggetarian & * Vegetarian options are in the Breakfast Menu (Egg & Cheese on Bun & Toast, Hash Rounds, French Toast Sticks, Orange Juice), Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Onion Rings, Onion Chips, Hot & Cold Drinks, Shakes etc.

All-American Burger Drive-In 'Burger Franks' in Massapequa, New York since 1963
run by Phil Vultaggio Jr.& the 3rd
frequented by many celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, Guitarist/Singer Brian Setzer, William Baldwin & Family & the list goes on..
Old Fashioned Burger made with Fresh, Simple Best Quality Ingredients without any extra stuff!

Bob's Big Boy (with a Big Boy mascot in Checkered Red White pants!) in Burbank, Los Angeles is the 6th Oldest Restaurants in existence in the US started in 1949
Traditional Family Style Seating coupled with the Bar/Shop style Top Chair Seats
Bob Wyan opened a Burger stand 'Bob's Pantry' started in Glendale, CA with more than 45 locations in the US is hit with Teenager
celebrity list includes Bob, Tom Hanks, Drew Carry, Jay Leno, The Beatles in 1965 has Big Boy Burger
the Classic Car Collector's have their Car Shown on Friday Nights is a highlight since years!
Upon a Customer's request for more Burgers, the Double Burger started!
Original Double Decker Hamburgers now accounts for 25% of the Sales!
the Bun is cut in 3 layers with Mayonnaise, Shredded Lettuce, Meat, Center Bun with Mayonaise, American Cheese Slice, Relish, Toppings with Meat & Top Bun served with Fries

World Famous Ted's Restaurant in Meriden, CT since 1959
started by a local Cook Ted Duberek, now run by Son Paul Duberek & Bill Foreman
this Blue Collar Town has had regular customers for long which is still Family owned filled with Tradition rather than get-in & get-out!
Steamed Cheeseburgers is (different because of their Secret Recipe) served with Stringy Melting Cheddar Cheese, Sauteed Onions
Stainless Steel Burger Box or call it Sauna!

Half Moon Restaurant & Bar in Pennsylvania in Kennett Square, PA 
run by Kristin & Tom Hess famous for their Wild Western Game Burgers!
Burgers are not the same old Beef but with Game Meats like Antelope, Buffalo, Elk, Kangaroo Meat, Llama, Ostrich, Venison, Wild Boar, Yak etc which can be consumed with some time after an acquired Taste
Meat comes from the Local Buffalo Farm, Wild Boar & Elk from a Texas Ranch, Kangaroo etc. from Australia & others imported from around the World 
Buffalo Burger has only 2 Grams of Fat & 143 Calories compared to the Regular 1/4 Pound Hamburger with 18 Grams of Fat & 272 Calories!
High in Iron, Protein which is good for Health

* The Spot (Natural Food) Restaurant in CA in 1957 bought by Owner Tonya Beaudet in 1980 from a Surfer who moved to Miami
Oldest Vegetarian Landmark Restaurant in the Vacation Spot of Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, Southern California

Meat Free reincarnation of the Veggie Burgers & the Meat Free Sandwich started 2 years later on her Menu
Potato Meal, Corn Meal & Soy Meal used since long time since Wars but in 1982, London Hamburger started Veggie all the way
Veggie Burgers (Spot Burger, Cheese Burger, Teriyaki Burger, Guacamole Burger, Chilli Burger priced at $6.95, 7.95 to 8.95) Patties are a blend of Rice, Tofu, Nuts like Sunflower Seeds-Walnuts, Organic Pinto Beans, Tamari, Soy Cheese & Spices which are then Baked 
Served with Whole Wheat Bun/Homemade Bread with Lettuce, Tomatoes & Onions with Side dish as Almond Rice!
Maximum Occupancy is 40 people but sells more than 60-70 a day to mostly Carnivores!

Pop Burger in Lower West Manhattan NY
Fast Food with Lounge & Pool Room that has a Pop Style Party environment great for after Hours/Late Night Munches & Drinks
Small Uniform Artfully prepared Bite Sized Burgers 3 Inch Patties Grilled & served with Secret Dressing on a Brioche Bun
celebrities like Jay Z, Justin Timberlake frequent here

Old Homestead Steak House in NY since 1868 is the oldest Steakhouse in Manhattan
Greg Sherry Owner started thiws Joint by inspiration from his favorite McDonald's
Elite group of people frequent for their best known Steaks & their finest Kobe Beef Patties used for Hamburger
Fatter Japanese Cow with a lot of its concentrated Fat Flavor in the Meat
one of the items on the menu is the Imported Beef/Japanese Kobe Steak is a 10 Pound priced at $195
20 Pound Kobe Beef Burger priced at $41
Seasoned with Salt Pepper, cooked on low flame (instead of high heated Grill) rested for about 5 Minutes, served on a Brioche Bun with Oysters Mushrooms, Horseradish Cream Sauce, Champagne infused Mustard, Chipotle Ketchup & Tater Tots!

Chicago is the Capital in US but NY is the World's capital!!

Unlike a Drive through this Superdawg (store has a Dog Boy & Girl symbolizing the Owner Couple!) is a Drive-In (Lounge inside) since 1957 over 6 Decades has become a tourist destination as well
On a Poppy Seed Bun served with French Fries no Ketchup applied!


Chicago is the second best when it comes to Thick Crust Pizzas

Sally's Pizza has assorted Thin Crust Pizzas, Sal Consiglio is a Grandmother who serves herself

Frank Pepe Pizza has Napoletana

Pizzeria Uno has a unique Basement Dining
each Pizza is made from scratch so it takes about 45 minutes for which they take the order at the door itself
Originally a Texas Man created the Deep Dish Pizza was created to satiate the City's 'Sure of Itself' Attitude 
such a thick crust that Knife & Fork has to be used
over 200 locations have opened 

Lou Malnati Pizzeria in Lincoln wood (3 Miles from Uno) from 1971

Flaky Crust, Wisconsin Mozzarella Cheese, Chicago Pork Capital Special Sausage, Chunky Tomatoes
Only Sausage Pizza is available no other flavours

In California:
Chef/Owner Ed Ladau impressed Woflgang Puck so much that he hired him for work for him followed by California Pizza Kitchen especially BBQ Chicken Pizza is designed by him
Most authentic West Coast Caioti Pizza Cafe with different flavors like Baby Clams, Garlic, Pine Nuts, Shrimp

Giordano's have Signature Deep Dish Pizza

Torino Italy is where Stuffed Pizza Recipe was perfected where Giordano's family is from
Perfected Pie Crust with Cheese inside & Sauce outside

Osteria di Passignano La Bottega di Badia, Chef Matia Michelin Star Restaurant

Ravioli con Pappa al Pomodoro (Ravioli with Bread & Tomato Soup)
Olive Oil Red Onion Chopped Garlic Chopped Pepper Stale Bread Chopped Basil Roughly Picked
Fresh Pasta Dough

Angelino's Pizza


no. 10: Beth's Café in Seattle WA
famous for her special 12 Egg Omelette or a Sandwich made on a Grill (not on a Skillet) costs more than $60 with Add-ons/"the Works" served on a Pizza tray along with Beth's unlimited Hash Browns!!

no. 9: Sam's Morning Glory Diner PA
Owner & Chef is a former Diner waitress Sam Mickey who uses fresh ingredients (even Ketchup!) with creative new twist on classic Diner Recipes
their motto is 'be nice or leave'!
'Neighborhood Fritatta' dish gets it name as the Diner is close to 9th Street near Italian Neighborhood
Eggs, Potatoes Cheese Baked Morning Potatoes Biscuits
Monkey French Toast is a special  
Caramelized Bananas and Mangoes made on a grill between two pieces of Jewish Challah bread (dipped in a rich batter of Eggs Vanilla Allspice heavy Cream Whole Milk) topped with a Caramel sauce and Whipped cream dusted with Icing Sugar for an extra dose of sweetness!

no.8: Ria's Bluebird Diner, Atlanta GA serves a Modern twist to the Diner Menu!
the signature dish is slow roasted Brisket served with a Poached Egg in a Broth called Steak & Eggs with Bread
Salads- everything is made from scratch
Whisk Pancakes Eggs, Milk, Vanilla, Mozzarella Cheese, sift half of the Cake Flour for Butter Flour by hand, slowly beaten & served with caramelized Bananas

no. 7: Veselka (means Rainbow) in Manhattan East Village is now a Famous spot
started as Candy Shop & Newspaper stand in 1954, later turned into a Family run Luncheonette during 1962, started serving standard American Diner recipes with a Ukrainian twist, now run by 3rd Generation Owners
Pierogi's (Dumplings) have been introduced in USA since 1900's but here it is served in thousands per day deep fried served with sauteed Onions; Soups Blinzes

6. Rock Springs Café in Rock Springs, Arizona (Phoenix). People travel long distances to get to the Rock Springs Café and for one reason: pies. The make roughly 62,000 a year, in 20 varieties. Their specialty is a Jack Daniels pecan pie. We're sure people like other stuff when visiting the Rock Springs Café, but if so, we'd never know

5. The Flamingo Diner in Jersey City, New Jersey. The Flamingo is the most traditional diner on the"Best Food Ever" list. Run by wise-cracking Greeks Linda and Sophie, the diner has folks lining up for the housemade Greek chicken. In the early 2000's, Jersey City tried to knock it down for road expansion but 10,000 Flamingo fans spoke up and saved it

4. The Chicago Diner in Chicago. At first glance, The Chicago Diner looks like a typical greasy spoon -- they have all the usual items, including what they call the "radical Reuben." But a closer inspection reveals the dish, along with others on the menu, has a unique spin: it's meat free. It's made from seitan (a wheat gluten product). but it's so good it has vegetarians and meat-eaters alike saying
"I can't believe it wasn't alive!"

3. Arkie's Grill in Austin, Texas. An old timey establishment in Austin's East Side, Arkie's, which looks like something out of the 1960s, has had the same menu for decades, as well as the same chef, Eddie Marshall. The daily special that folks line-up for is Marshall's chicken and dumplings, served on Tuesdays only

2. Arcade Restaurant in Memphis. Opened in 1919, the Arcade is officially the oldest restaurant in Memphis, and they go through 150 pounds of sweet potatoes a week for their famed sweet-potato pancakes. Another bragging point: Elvis was a frequent visitor of the Arcade, where the owners swear they turned him on to the fried peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich

1. The Miss Worcester Diner in Worcester, Massachusetts
The No. 1 Diner- according to "Best Food Ever" is situated beneath a Train track in the Industrial Town of Worcester, Massachusetts
Menu has 12 Different Varieties of French Toast including Deep-Fried French Toast and a "Hawaiian" French toast (stuffed with Cream Cheese, Pineapple topped with Coconut)


Murray's Cheese is the Best Cheese Shop in NYC with over 350 varieties every day
Located on Bleecker St NY, they also have a Murray’s Cheese Bar dedicated to all kinds of Cheesy dishes like Mac-n-Cheese

Majority of American Cheeses are made in Wisconsin, Vermont

In Vermont:
Meadow Creek Dairy make Square soft Fudgy textured ripened Cheese from grass Fed Cows
drain the Curd as soon as possible so that the pH stays high, flipped 5 times & left to drain overnight, hand brushed to control growth of Bacteria

In Kentucky:
Capriole Farmstead Goat Cheese Dairy:

150 days old Cheeses wrapped in Chestnut Leaves (marinated in Bourbon)
Cheese & Bourbon tasting can be sampled at Bourbon expert
aged ones like the Woodford Reserve, Booker's,
other is mix of Barley Wheat Rye

Corn 70%, Rye 10%, malted Barley 10%, and Wheat 10%

In Dakota:
Zingerman's Bakery, Coffee Roasting, Creamery:

Pleasent Ridge Reserve Cheese

Rogue Creamery near Road River on NH-99 (route from San Diego to British Columbia)
Tom Vella's Vella Cheese Company was producing the best American Artisan Cheese was famous until it team of 2 guys was handed over to team of present owners David Gremmels & Cary Bryant
Oregonzola Cheese, Blue Cheese (52 year old recipe), Road River Blue Cheese (is made from the Autumnal Milk from the Cows since 1957
this rare Seasonal Salty Cheese is handmade in Autumn & Winter with 8 Months maturation from Grazing Cow wrapped in Pear Leaves
Smokey Blue Cheese exports to Eurpoe as well
Road River's Crower's Farmer's Market is also one trip to take

Deep Fried Temptations:

In the 7th Century, Chinese started the Deep Frying in Hot Oil tradition which became famous through Tempura in Japan by the 16th Century
In US, Scottish immigrants Deep fried Chicken in the 18th Century started the trend

New York


Deep fried Pickles

Jalapeno Poppers

New Orleans, LA
home to Great Jazz, Great Cajun Cuisine, Fried Food is a way of life in the Southern part of America

Willie Mae's Scotch House Restaurant started in 1960's for a drink made of Milk & Scotch!
Kerry Seaton Owner, Grandmother Willie Mae retired in 2000, Charlie Seaton Grandfather

Bon Appetite magazine said this was the best Fried Chicken
Secret Recipe is made of Salt Paprika Wet Batter for the Chicken fried for 20 Minutes in Hot Oil, a skill which needs to be perfected

famous Southern Red Beans seasoned with Pickled Pork

Jive Turkey in Brooklyn NY
Arica Westbooks Owner/Chef
famous in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia 
Dry rubbed with Spices inside & outside (secret blend of Cajun Creole Spices), tied Whole Turkey is dipped in Hot Peanut Oil at 350 Degrees for about 15-20 Minutes & fried till Crispy, then the Breast, Legs etc. are separated, sliced & served
very dangerous to deep fry Turkey in one's backyard as it can catch fire easily if not properly done
Flash Frying Effect without absorbing much Oil
in addition to personal portions, they offer 15 different flavoured Whole Fried Turkeys to choose from as a Take Out
Herb Butter/Dry Rub/Seasoned Butter used as Marinades
Jamaican Jerk Turkey, Peking Turkey, Orange Zinfandel, Honey Pecan etc.

just the Turkey Skin & the Butt (called the 'last part over the fence'!) are sold

Goodson's Cafe in Tomball, Texas
Jimmy Fogarty Owner bought the Restaurant in 1985 from Founder Ella Goodson
Chicken fried Steak (CFS) appeared ibn the South in the mid 1800's
Deep fried Chicken's Batter is applied to the Tenderized Round Slice of Steak served with Southern Favorites Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Black Eyed Beans, freshly baked Biscuits
Pepper Cream Gravy smothered on the Steak makes this different

Sodolak's Original Country Inn (Steak House) in Snook, Texas
Frank Sodolak Owner Son Curtis Sodolak
famous for Chicken fried Bacon
Lean Strips of Bacon dipped in Milk Batter rolled in Flour & deep fried like Chicken
Deep fried large Steak is available here as well

The Hollywood Cafe in Tunica Mississippi started in 1969 in Hollywood, MS which relocated due to a Fire
East of Mississippi River & 40 Miles South of Memphis
has been Famous for Deep Fried Pickle since 1970's
Tait Seldon Original Owner Mike Young Co-Owner
Dill dunked in the Batter (Egg Milk Wash Spices) rolled in Flour
250 Pickles sold per day!
other items are Deep fried Catfish, Onion Rings, Sour Green Tomatoes, Frog Legs!

Memphis, TN is the Birthplace of Blues, Rock & Roll
Dyer's started in 1912
Vitamin G is Grease!
Hamburger is made by deep frying the Whole Burger with Cheese, Mustard Pickle Onion
Lettuce & Tomatoes are not kept

Mustard Oil & Grease are 90 Year Old!

10 Miles East of NY City, no frills attitude known for strong community & close knit tradition
Rutt's Hut in Cifton, NJ since 1928, 3 Generations
famous for Deep fried Hot Dogs (Rippers)
German Immigrant Grandmother's Secret Recipe
Deep frying stages are In-n-Outer, Medium Ripper, Weller, famous crispy Cremator!
Burnt Crispy like Pretzel Steak
in 350 Degrees Hot Oil
Rutt's Hut Mustard Relish are the only topping on the Hot Dogs

Chip Shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn NY
Deep fried Fish & Chips
Chris Sell Owner English Comfort Food
served with Lemon & Homemade Tartar Sauce
also famous for the fried Pizza, fried Macaroni & Cheese, fried Rhubarb Crumble, fried Candy Bars, fried Snickers, fried Mars Bar, fried Reese Peanut Butter Cup, fried Cherry Pie & the famous fried Twinkies topped with blueberry-Strawberry-Raspberry Sauce & dusted with Sugar!
James Dour invented Twinkies in 1930's which is sold here at 10,000 a day

Bestest American Bar Food:

Frank & Teressa's Anchor Bar, Buffalo NY 
Anchor Bar has been around in Buffalo for more than 50 Years with Italian-American Cuisine 

Buffalo’s Original and Favorite Wings are served with Celery and Anchor Bar Bleu Cheese 

Anchor Bar Wing Sauce comes in 5 Flavours, Barbecue recipe, Mild, Hotter, Medium & of course Suicidal which are sold in 12 Oz. Bottles

While most Country Towns in TX are Famous for their Dry Rubs on mostly Beef or Pork Ribs, Memphis TN has Pork Ribs with Dripping Sauce!

Famous Dave's BBQ in Minneapolis, MN
Dave Anderson has his Secret Sauce Recipe for over 25 Years from a small Wisconsin BBQ Shack to his 1995 Restaurant!
Menu has Beef Brisket, Pork Chops, BBQ/Roasted Chicken, Rib Tips, Sweet Water Catfish & Wings etc.

New Zion Missionary Baptist Church's BBQ in Huntsville TX
Started by Annie Mae Ward
Texan Famous Beef Ribs have a Dry Rub Slow cooked in a Smoker with Oak Wood, Homemade Sauce
Pastor & Church Members run this Place with an All-You-Can-Eat for just $10!

The Rendezvous Restaurant (Charlie Vergos Charcoal Ribs) in Memphis, TN
TN is Famous for its Blues, Elvis, Ducks & also for World Famous 'Charlie Vergos Charcoal Broiled Pork Ribs'!
Owner Brothers Charlie & John Vergos's Father started in 1948 whose Sons are carrying forward the age old Tradition now

Baby Blues BBQ in Venice Beach, CA
Baby Back Ribs, Memphis & Texas style Ribs (along with Memphis Pork Ribs, they have Texas Beef Rib as well)
their Ribs are Slow Cooked like Southern but in a Hybrid Distinctive Style of their own which involves Light Charring with Sauce rubbed (unlike the Over Charred Ribs)

Celebrity Clients Actor/Player Brian Bortsworth, Pete Sanders, Junior etc.

Nancy Lee's Pig Heaven Chinese Ribs in NY
Owner Nancy came from Taiwan & started working about 21 Years back

Chef their own Secret Spare Rib Recipe for which the Meat comes from the Front Lower Part of the Pig which is why their Spare Ribs are Bigger & Better
Chinese Red Sauce is made from Honey, 5 Spice Powder, Fermented Tofu, Hoisin Sauce etc.
Sweet & Savoury Cha Siu Sauce

Ribs are Roasted in a Gas Fire Oven where all the Fat Drips off
Celebrities like Steven Speilberg Tom Hanks are Regulars here

'The Best in the West Nugget Ribs Cook Off' Competition in Nevada
Trophies given away to Competitors & Rib Lovers eat their Hearts out
All have different Rubs like a 29 Spice Dry Rub etc. used
Judges base their Decision on Flavour Appearence & Texture
1st Time Winner used a special Michigan Firewood

In Ohio during 1922, Good Humor Truck sold Lollypop, Chocolate Covered Ice Cream invented by Harry Bird

In present times, Van Leeuwen Trucks updated the Ice Cream truck
one of the 1st Food trucks to have Fresh Waffle Cones, Organic Milk, exotic flavours & have their products at Whole Foods
others like Kelvin Slush Truck, Big Gay Ice Creams, Hearts Challengers sells finest Japanese Ice Cream treats like the exotic Japanese Flavours

Fair Oaks Pharmacy & Soda Fountain in South Pasadena, CA
City is most famous for the Rose Bowl Game but also for these Ice Creams!

Lime Rickeys, Shakes, Cones, old fashioned Sundaes (classic Hot Fudge, Banana Split)

Manhattan NY
Serendipity 3 on 60th St.
Frozen Hot Chocolate is a famous item on the menu other than the Unique Sundaes people vouch for
Golden opulence Sundae $1000 Guiness World Record needs a 2 day advance registration being sold at least 10 a Year

Bassett's Ice Cream PA
it becomes soo good because of the 16% Butter Fat!

Great Grandfather started this store

Berkey Creamery in Penn State University
14% Butter Fat
Flavours like Death by Chocolate

Food Science Program students can intern for the Ice Cream short course every year
225 Gallons, over 5 Gallons per student

Ben & Jerry's Funky Flavours
factory gets so many tourists

Flavour Graveyard is where the departed flavours are kept with interesting quotes

Use of Hormone Free Cows, giving back to the community

Doumar's Drive away in Norfolk VA
World's First Ice Cream Cone Machine was created here & they still make Cones the old fashioned way Fresh!!


NY has a lot of places for Late night menus decadent eats like Mac-n-Cheese like The Dutch Cheese Crostinis, EO/Employees Only for Grilled Cheese

BLT inspired Creamy Mac-n-Cheese baked in Beefsteak Tomato:
1 lb. Pasta salted boiling water  till Al Dente drained, in a Pan add ingredients for a Roux is equal arts Flour n Fat, warm Milk on the side, thicken the Bechamel Sauce season with Dried Mustard 1 Tsp., Cayenne Pepper or Hot Sauce 1 Tbsp or more whisk, 0.5 lb. Shredded Cheddar & Munster Cheese for a creamy melt, taste & adjust seasonings as needed Salt, add extra Milk
Hollow Tomato center, spoon the center out to get seeds out, mix 1/4 cup Panko breadcrumbs, 1/4 cup of grated Parmesan Cheese 2 Tbsp Parsley chopped,
season inside with Salt Pepper, fill the Mac-n-Cheese, sprinkle topping over and drizzle Olive Oil
Bake in Oven in middle rack till crispy brown

fresh Brioche Bread layer each slice with American Cheese, Mac-n-Cheese, Crushed red Chilli Peppers, torn Basil, Tomato slices, salt pepper,
Frico non stick pan or griddle, 1/3 cup of grated Parmesan Cheese in shape of the Bread slice, place the Bread on the melted Cheese, flip it carefully

Shoestring Fries with Truffle Aioli
Russet Potatoes great for crispy Fries Truffle Oil
need a Mandolin Oil Thermometer  350 degrees F
work till 2/3 rd of the Vegetable rinse to take of Starch transfer to Paper towels deep fry in small batches Oil, Salt Parsley Rosemary coat
Aioli Dipping Sauce: Mayonnaise, Creme Fresh, grate Garlic, Truffle Oil, salt pepper Lemon Zest

* Indicates a Pure Vegetarian Food Joint in the Post
** Indicates an Egg-etairan Options in a Food Joint in a Post

Monday, June 4, 2012

Brinjal filled with Chick Pea Flour (Gutti Vankaya Senagapindi)

South Indian Vegetarian Main Course Special
Andhra Cuisine
Brinjal filled with Chick Pea Flour (Gutti Vankaya Senagapindi)
Serves 2

Brinjal- 8 to 10 Pieces

For Stuffing:
Chick Pea Flour (Besan)- 2 Tbsp.
Cumin Seeds (Jeera) or (Ajwain)- 1 Tsp.
Hing- a Pinch

Salt- to Taste
Red Chilli Powder- 1/2 to 1 Tsp. depending on the Spiciness needed
Extra Light Olive Oil/Olive Pomace Oil- needed to mix the Stuffing

Fresh Coriander Leaves- 1 Tbsp., Finely Chopped


Mix in all the ingredients for the Stuffing with Oil to make a Crumbly consistency

The Brinjals need to Simmer in the Pan with Cover with Water (only if cooked in a Metal Based Pan as the Brnjals tend to stick )

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :)