Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gokul Ashtami/Janmashtami/Krishna Jayanti ki Badhai!

celebrated across India especially Hare Krshna & ISCON (excluding Kerala & some parts of Tamil Nadu because of their different Calenders) on 8, 9, 10th August

Nirvana destination:

Mathura is considered as Thakurji or Lord Krishna’s Janmabhoomi
Shri Dwarkadhish Temple (Mandir):
Pt. Chaturvedi

Ambika Devi/Maha Vidhya Mandir:
a Big Serpent (Ajgar) attacked Lord's Father Nand but after requesting Lord gave him a Blessing who turned out to be Ambika Devi in disguise
Kanha's Hair Shaving (Mundan) Ceremony is celebrated by Devotees whose Wishes are fulfilled seeking blessings of Lord & his Sister

Shreeji Mishthan Bhandar Mathura now is being maintained by Devender
Shop is about one Century Old preparing the perfect Peda (Lord's favorite Sweet made of Milk Khoya)


the City is named after the Tulsi Groves all over the city, another legend goes that Vrinda was one of the Gopi's of Lord Krishna

Prem Mandir:

founded by Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj

Banke Bihari Temple established by Swami Haridasji:
There is no Morning Aarti here as Krishna sleeps till late because of Ras Leela all night
Lord has Laddo's Paan n sleeps on the bed which is Dishelved by Morning till today

Yamuna River is sacred as it runs through Mathura & Vrindavan
Evening Aarti should be witnessed if present there as part of a Nirvana Trip!

K C Ghat

Food Tour:

Chaat Bhandar
Laxman Prasad Kachori Wale 
Banke Bihari Badewale


Brahmhand Bihari Temple:
Lord Krishna's Fellow Villager Aunt & his Mother tried seeing if he really ate Mud (Maati) to check in his mouth & fainted seeing the Infinite Universe there
On the banks of River Yamuna, Brahmins were offered Bhoj
here Mud Sweet (Mitti ka Peda) is offered as Prasad

Nand Bhavan Mandir:
is situated on the banks of Lord Krishna's constant Companion (Sangini) River Yamuna
In Dwapar Yug, all of Lord Krishna's playful acts were witnessed by the River
Brother Balram (Dau) & Friends teased him about being Shyam as he wasn't born to Maiyya Yashoda, so Mother vows in front of her Son that she is his real Mother on the banks of the River

as a Mother gave a word to her Son Lord Krishna due to which a Mother's Wishes also get fulfilled
Devotees come on their Knees to seek blessings of a rare sight of Lord Krishna & his Family to fulfill their wishes

Nand Mahal in Brij is the second most worshiped place after his Birth place where his adopted Parents raised Lord Krishna away from his prison held Biological Parents

Demon Putana kidnapped Lord Krishna due to which Parents got worried but eventually was playfully controlled by Lord Krishna

Kalia Serpent (Naag) was again playfully controlled by Lord Krishna

Raas Leela is performed in Gokul, Mathura, Vrindavan & by the Vaishnavites of Manipur especially on this auspicious Eve

Another age old Tradition of breaking the Clay Pot with Curd (called Dahi Handi/Uriadi) is followed in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu

Srinath Temple in Rajasthan is a famous destination

ISKON Temples all over India & Abroad celebrate Ashtami with much joy

In my Hometown Delhi as a Child our day started with collecting Donations from our individual Colony & families readily obliged according to their convenience
We would buy hand made Pottery items so that we could put them on display by Evening which lighted up all Night visited by people across the Colony

from Delhi the newly launched Yamuna Expressway is a great way to reach the Nand Nagri

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