Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moment’s Falooda Mix

On one of those Grocery store trips in an unexpected corner of Reliance Fresh Store, I saw the Moment’s Falooda Rose Flavoured Mix. Rest of the 9 flavours available are Vanilla, Rajbhog, Butterscotch, Kesar, Pista, Sitafal, Chocolate, Mango, Strawberry & are a great addition as coolants in Summer

The actual preparation happens literally in few minutes with a great result!

One 200 Grams Packet Serves about 5-6 (this is based on the Packet Instructions but trust me it would eventually turn to be for may be about 4 to 5)
In 1 Litre of Milk, mix about a Glass of Water & bring to a boil
Add the whole pack of Falooda Mix & boil for 10-15 Minutes till the Mix thickens

Keep aside so that it reaches room Temperature after which Refrigerate to Chill
The Chilled Falooda is ready to be served!

Some of the Additional Toppings can be Ice Cream, Roasted Dry Fruits etc.

Moment's Mango Falooda Mix:

Moment's Pista Falooda Mix:

Strawberry Mix:


After this pack, we were not able to get another one soon but finally found luck with the Mango Flavour
I just wish this Falooda Mix is available at most stores in the South especially Chennai & Tamil Nadu

Just for some information on different Indian Names for the versatile world famous Rose Flower, I have put together its names here:

Bengali- Golap
Hindi- Gulab
Kannada- Gulabihuvu/Tarana
Odiya- Gulap
Tamil- Irosa/Pannirpu/Pannir Roja/Rajappu
Telugu- Gulabipuvvu/Rojapuvvu

English- Saffron
Hindi- Kesar/Zafran
Telugu- Kunkumapuvvu

Feel free to share your views on this Product & let us know how it can be of use in our Pantry :)

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