Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Broken Wheat Porridge (Dalia Upma)

South Indian Vegetarian Breakfast Special
Andhra Cuisine
Broken Wheat Porridge (Dalia Upma) 
Serves 2

Mix of Extra Light Olive Oil/Olive Pomace Oil & Ghee- 1 Tbsp.
Mustard Seeds (Rai)- ¼ Tsp.
Cumin Seeds (Jeera)- ¼ Tsp.
Peanuts- 10 to 15
Hing- a Big Pinch

Broken Wheat (Dalia)- 1 Cup
Onions- ½ Cup, Finely Chopped
Green Chilli- 3 to 4, Slit or Finely Chopped
Ginger- ½ Tsp., Grated or Finely Chopped
Green Peas-  ¼ Cup
Carrot- 2 Tbsp., Finely Chopped
French Beans- 2 Tbsp., Finely Chopped
Salt- To Taste
Fresh Coriander Leaves- 2 Tbsp., Finely Chopped
Lemon Juice- about a Dash

Wash the Dalia thoroughly, drain and keep aside
In a Pressure Pan, Heat the Oil-Ghee Mix, Add Mustard Seeds
As the seeds start to crackle, add Peanuts, Hing & Sauté
Add Green Chilli, Ginger, Onions & Sauté till the Onions turn Light Golde
Add the Green Peas, Carrots, Beans, Broken Wheat, Salt & Sauté for about 3 to 4 Minutes
Add 1½ Cups of Water & Mix Well
Cover & pressure cook for about 1 Whistle
Just before serving, add a dash of Lemon Juice, garnish with the Fresh Coriander Leaves and serve Hot with any Pickle of Choice, Roasted Urad Papad!


Bengali- Bhanga Gom
English- Broken Wheat
Gujarati- Gehun/Lapsi Fada
Hindi- Dalia
Marathi- Gavhachi/Lapsi
Odiya- Bhanga Gahama
Tamil- Godhumai/Samba Ravai
Telugu- Godhuma Nuka/Rava or Danchina

Cleaning & Roasting the Dalia (just like Semolina) ensures that it stays longer without any Pests & also Faster Cooking
Adding Cashews instead of Peanuts is an option
Can add Chana Dal, Urad Dal, Curry Leaves along with Jeera & Rai which is the Standard Tempering for any Upma which has been skipped here

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :)

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