Monday, April 16, 2012

Goa- India's Miami

Interestingly, Goa is India's richest State!
Laidback attitude is visible everywhere

Authentic Goan Cuisine at Fernandos Nostalgia Restaurant:
Portugese Indian & Arabic Masalas
Seafood Coocnut Milk and Rice are essentials
Sana like Idlis but Sweetened cooked in Tori Taadi, Round Steamed Pancakes
Prawns & Bhindi cooked in Ambaada
Mario de Miranda:

Baingina in Northern Old Goan or in Konkani Saibache Goa:
St Augustine Ruins was a Convent 1572 which still can be seen with the Old Architecture
Western Goa Famous Arpora Night Market:
World Food Court:
Southern Goa Neptune Point in Palolem for Silent Noise Party:

Carrot Gojju

Tito's Restaurant David

Calamari Restaurant Reggie


Mums Kitchen- Goan Cuisine Revived
Prawn Shekshek Coconut Red Chilies Spices Kokum for Tanginess

Seafood Peri Peri Platter with Pomfret, King Fish Steak piece, Grey Fish, Lobster, Tiger Prawns, Kalamari (Squid)

Pork Vindaloo are famous

Ravi Kesar Ship

Remo Fernandez

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