Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Cheti Chand/Gudi Padwa/Ugadi!

Sindhi/Marathi/Kannada & Telugu New Year
(Cheti Chand/Gudi Padwa/Ugadi
In Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Maharashtra, March 23, 2012 starts the Nandana Nama Samvatsara which is considered as the First day of Spring (Vasantha Ruthu)!

Mango Leaves (Mamidi Aakulu) 

The Sindhi New Year, Cheti Chand is on 24 March 2012

Samvatsara means about a Full Year & each year is significant with different names according to the Hindu (Telugu) Calender
To know more about the Effects of Samvatsara Year (especially for Birth) visit:

So while this year of Vikrati is going by, the coming year Nandana means the 60th Samvatsara!

In Telugu, the word 'Ugadi' (Yuga-Adi) means the Beginning of an Astronomical Cycle, this day brings the dawn of a New Year
The first thing Andhrites have on Ugadi early in the morning empty stomach is a Chutney/Pachadi (unique blend of Sweet Sour Bitter Salty Spicy Flavours!)

Banana mixed with Sweet (Jaggery), Sour (Raw Mango, Tamarind), Bitter (White Neem Flowers/In Tamil, the Neem Flowers are called Veppam Poo), Salty (Salt) & Spicy (Red Chilli Powder or Green Chillies)
Sweetened Stuffed Flatbread (Bhaksham/Bobbatlu/Puran Poli/Holige/Obbatu)

Do check out the Ugadi Recipes in the blog

In Karnataka, Mavu (Mango), Bevu (Neem Garlands) Thorana, Bevu Bella (Neem & Jaggery Pachadi)
The Ugadi Pachadi is called Bevu Bella made of simple Mixture of Unprocessed Powdered Jaggery & Fresh Neem Leaves 

Sindhi delicacies prepared for Cheti Chand are Juwar Jo Dodho, Aloo Tuk, Kanao etc.

In Marathi, the word ‘Gudi’ is used for the Victory banner raised high for Celebrating the start of a New Year!
My dear friend Dipti Shanishchar has also shared her customs and traditions followed at their true blue Marathi Home which I am going to share with you all soon :)

One of the Hinduism Blogs we like to follow has given things needed for Ugadi Pooja:

now that we shifted to Michigan in 2013, we visited the Bhartiya Temple of Metropolitan Detroit in Troy on the eve of New Year and prayed for a Great Year ahead with loads of Blessings

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