Sunday, February 5, 2012


World Nutella Day is on the 5th of February!!

Best way to enjoy Nutella- Spoon it out (yes! still dripping down) & apply it on any Warm Whole Wheat or  Multigrain Bread Toast/Patisserie Baked Items like Bagels, Croissants, English Muffins, Toast, Waffles !!!

One fine day in a supermarket, we stumbled on two different jars of Nutella:

This one is the Imported one:

now for the Local one:

Unbelievable but true that like so many fellow Nutella Lovers, we enjoy it right out of the Jar (this is from even before we knew how popular it was around the world!)

There are tons of International & Fusion Recipes made with Nutella just to name a few:

Nutella Spread on Warm Roti 
Nutella Bana Bread
Nutella Mocha Cake
Nutella Puff Pastry
Nutella Baklava (yes, that's true!!)

For more information on this Yummy Spread visit: 

Feel free to share your views on this Product & let us know how it can be of use in our Pantry :)

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