Friday, March 2, 2012

Nestle Milkmaid Creations

Nestle Milkmaid Creations

As soon as I saw this AD on TV, I wanted to know what all was included in the Range & trust me all Classics plus some Classics but Surprise Recipes (that we normally may not make at home) are in store for us!
According to one of the leading Indian Newspaper that had this Print ad says that these Mixes are '...Simple 3 Step recipes that serve mouth watering desserts at home'

The classic Milkmaid has always been at home no matter if it is used for Halwa, Kheer, Desserts, or just as a dip for Quick Dessert Fix!
So looking at the Nestle Brand, these Mixes may just make our lives a bit more Easier & Yummier!

After trying at Spencer’s with no luck, finally found only 4 Mixes (excluding the Kulfi Mix) at Nilgiri’s in Chennai
Besan Laddoo Mix
Badaam Kheer Mix
Eggless Cake Mix
Pista Kulfi Mix
Rice Kheer Mix

Nestle Milkmaid Creations: Besan Laddoo

Servings: 6 (12 Laddoo)
Cost: Rs 95

Nestle Milkmaid Creations: Badam Kheer

Servings: 6
Cost: Rs 145

I have to admit we were all waiting to post the Pictures of our Badam Kheer (as well as my Family's reactions)..
Here they go..

Serve Chilled (with may be some extra Blanched & Sliced Almonds & Yes..Raisins!)

Nestle Milkmaid Creations: Rice Kheer

Servings: 6 -7
Cost: Rs 120

Nestle Milkmaid Creations: Eggless Cake

Servings: 10
Cost: Rs 95

Nestle Milkmaid Creations: Pista Kulfi Mix

Servings 6
Cost: Rs 125

Thanks for all the Great Support from Fellow Bloggers & Netizens!! :) 

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :)

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