Saturday, March 17, 2012

Karnataka & Kannada Cuisine!

Can travel easily from Bengaluru on NH-17, distance of 142 Kms which takes about 2 Hrs 48 Mins

Famous Hanumanthu Mutton Pulao Hotel/Mess at Akbar Road, Mandi Mohalla is famous for its Special Mutton/Chicken Pulao 100/- per Plate, Muton Chaap 70/- 
nothing is available for Vegetarians here though
Celebrities like Actor Rajkumar frequented here

Kamath Lokaruchi on Mysore-Bengaluru State Highway (NH 17) is a Pure Vegetarian Restaurant
We can personally vouch for Kamath's presence on those never ending Highways (in between Chennai to Bengaluru & till Karnataka-Maharashtra Border)

Menu items like tempting Maddur Vada (famous in the Mysore Bengaluru Area made of Rice Flour, Semolina, Maida, Onion, Curry Leaves, grated Coconut, Asafoetida), Banana Coconut Chilli Bajji, Neer Dosa, Steamed Idli Vada wrapped in Banana Leaf, Rava Dosa

Mughal Darbar has Arabic influence in their Recipes

Special Mutton Biryani
Titar Kebab bred in Farms, dry spices rubbed & roasted
Chicken Afghani Chef's own creation

Phalaamrutha Ice Cream Shop:

can get a Scoop for as less as 8/-
made from locally grown Fresh Vanillla, Chocolate

City Tour:
One should definitely witness the Huge Grand Royal Celebration Phenomenon during the Major Indian Festival of Navratri in Mysore

Chamundeshwari Temple
Goddess Demon killed Demon Bakasura

Tipu Sultan's Kingdom

Ranganata Temple
1200 years ago Tipu Sultan's father prayed here so this place was spared from attack

St. Joseph's Cathedral
Year 1234 

Clay Decorative Items sold on Highway by the Rajasthani/Gujarati Potters

Krishna Temple (Mutt)
serve about 10000 pilgrims everyday
temple's own Coconut Groves, Vegetable Gardens, Yoghurt with about 600 employees

Kitchens are almost 800 Years Old & areas where only Priests are allowed
prepared without Onion & Garlic

Sambar secret here is the Molasses which isn't added in Homes
Steamed Rice
Sweets like Mysore Pak

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