Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kerala & its Cuisine- God's own Country!!


Toddy Shops like Ammus Restaurant in Kainakary have Fermented Toddy
Vegetarian Menu options like Veg Thali, Avial, Bhindi Thoran, Steamed Rice 40/-
Sea Food like Lobster, Meen Curry 250/- depending on Price

City Tour:
Backwaters for Houseboats built in Kitchens


Freshest Seafood is available on the Port

Fort Heritage Hotel has Unique Breakfast Soft & Hard Boiled Eggs (Muttu Curry) with Appam

Salt n Pepper Restaurant Tower Road for Fishing Lesson, Mackarel & Cooking
one of the most famous dish from this region is Meen Moily made with only White Fish in Mild Coconut Milk

Rahmattulah Restaurant:
Famous Biriyani, Malabari Parantha with Date Imli mixed Spices Chutney, Ghee Rice, Mutton Curry etc.
Kerala is famous for the Serving of Warm Water with Spices like Jeera
Arab influence for Non Vegetarian Lovers!

City Tour:

Famous    Street is famous for Antiques, Handicrafts
Biggest Vessel in the World is a Traditional Cooking Vessel seen here

Asia's Largest Spice Market is in Kochiwhich proves why the City is still considered the Capital of Spice as the Olden times!!

World Famous Cardamom, Cinnamon Bark is the Outer Bark & Sweet Cinnamon is the Inner Bark, Vanilla 1800/- Per Kg. grown locally

January is the time for the Ginger harvest which when Dried serves as an excellent spice
White Pepper comes from the Ripe Red Berries Soaked, Dried with husk removed which much milder Black Pepper comes from Full Sized Mature fruit made with the Green Berries
they are dried in the Sun & the enzymes from the berries get the Black outer skin in the drying process giving their Strong flavor


Cooked Mangoes mixed with Sugar Syrup & Blended to make Mango Juice, Watermelon Juice

The local Rice is Short, Puffy & Light

Puttu is rarely available in this City for some strange reason!

City Tour:

Lord Padmanabhaswamy, Royal Family of Travancore headed by Sri Marthanda Varma, Princess Gowri Lakshmi Bayi (from family of Raja Ravi Varma)

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