Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bengali Style Sweet & Sour Red Pumpkin (Kaddu Ka Khatta)

Indian Vegetarian Main Course Special
Bengali Cuisine
Bengali Style Sweet & Sour Red Pumpkin (Kaddu Ka Khatta)
Serves 2

Red Pumpkin- 150 Grams Cubed
Mustard Oil (Kacchi Ghani Sarson Tel)- 3 Tsp.
Bay Leaf- 2 No’s
Cinnamon Stick- ½ Inch for Gravy & ½ Inch for Dum
Cardamom- 4 Pods (2 Lightly Crushed for Gravy & 2 Whole for Dum)
Cloves- 6 (3 for Gravy & 3 for Dum)
Cumin (Jeera)- 1 Tsp.
Coriander Seeds- 1 Tsp.
Turmeric Powder- ½ Tsp.
Red Chili Powder- 1 Heaped Tsp.
Fenugreek Seeds (Methi Dana)- 1 Tsp., Crushed
Salt- To Taste
Tamarind Extract- 4 Tsp.
Jaggery- 1 Tbsp., Powdered
Fresh Coriander Leaves- 3 Heaped Tbsp., Finely Chopped

In a Kadhai Heat Mustard Oil till Smoking Point
Add Bay Leaves, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander Seeds, Cumin & Sauté
Add Pumpkin Pieces & Mix Well
Add Salt, Haldi, Red Chilli Powder & & Mix Well
Add Methi Dana, Cover & Let the Pumpkin Pieces Simmer in the Spices till it is Tender
Add Tamarind Extract, Jaggery & Mix Well

Sprinkle Coriander Leaves

For Dum:
In a Metal Bowl, Add a Burnt Piece of Coal with 3 Cloves, 2 Green Cardamoms & ½ Inch Cinnamon Stick

Keep the Bowl in the Middle of the Kadhai & Pour few drops of Mustard Oil over the Coal Piece in the Bowl
Cover the Pan & Let the Pumpkin Simmer for about 2-3 Minutes till the Dum is absorbed in nicely
Take the Bowl out
Serve the Kaddu Sabzi Fresh & Hot with Steamed Rice/Peas Pulao or Phulka/Roti

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :) 

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