Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jump Start Your Day with a Healthy Breakfast!

Jump Start Your Day with a Healthy Breakfast!

Cereal with Indian Touch:
In a Bowl, Add a Packet of Cereal with Kesar Pista Flavoured Syrup, Add Nestle Low Fat Blue Packet Milk & Consume Fresh

Dragon Fruit & Yoghurt Smoothie
Dragon Fruit- 1,
Fresh Apricots- 2
Sugar Free Drops- 2
Hung Yoghurt- 2 Tbsp.
Milk- 1/2 Cup
Ice Cubes- 6 -7
Corn Cereal- 3 Tbsp.

Peel & Cut the Dragon Fruit into Chunks
Deseed & dice up the Apricots & put in a blender along with the Dragon Fruit
Put the Sugar Drops, Yoghurt & Milk
Blend Nicely
Add Ice Cubes to cool it rapidly
Add the Corn Flakes & Blend to smooth & silky texture
Serve it in a Tall Smoothie Glass with Cereal as Garnish!

Melon & Kiwi Fruit Smoothie:
In a Blender, Add Nice Pulpy Fruits like Papaya (Good for Weight Loss), Kiwi (Great Source of Vitamin C), Melon Fruits like Cantaloupe/ Honey Dew, Black/Green Grapes, Plums, Milk, Natural Sweetener Syrup & Any Plain Breakfast Cereal & Blend till Smooth
Pour In Glass/Bowl & Serve Fresh!

Early Morning Fibre is great for the Digestive System & it also lowers Heart Diseases

Mixed Nut & Oatmeal Muffin:
Whisk Castor Sugar 140 Grams & Soft Butter 140 Grams together till Creamy
Add 4 Eggs & gradually Whisk them one at a time
Add Baking Powder 1 Tsp., All Purpose Flour & Fold Gently
Add Half of the Toasted Nuts (Walnuts Almonds Cashew Nuts)
Keep the other Half of the Nuts for Sprinkling on top of the Muffin Batter just Before Baking
With a Spoon, Fill the Paper Muffin Cups in a Silicon Mould, Sprinkle Oatmeal on Top & Keep to Bake in Oven for   Minutes at   Degrees C
When done, Remove & Serve Warm!

Can add Dried Fruits like Cranberries, Raisins, Chocolate Rocks etc. Instead of Nuts in the Muffins

Sweet Banana & Cranberry Pancake:
In Flour 225 Grams, Add Sugar 25 Grams, Sugarfree 35 grams (as good as Sugar1/10 th Calories of Sugar)
Melt Butter in Microwave (this is optional but the Pancakes do turn Buttery Soft with this step!)
Add 2 Eggs in the Flour Mixture, a Big Pinch of Baking Powder & Whisk
Add Melted Butter, Milk 300 Ml Gradually & Whisk
Add Dried Cranberries (this gives the Sweet & Sour Taste with Lots of Energy, Vitamins & Minerals) & Whisk Well
Add a Pinch of Salt & Whisk
Keep the Batter Aside in Fridge
Pour the Batter in the Pan
Add the Sliced Banana on top of the Pancake
Turn the Pancakes when Golden Brown on one side
Add Butter in the Pancake
Serve Warm with Fresh Kiwi Fruit & Papaya Slices!

Pancakes are also called Flapjacks in the US as there is Race in many parts of USA where the Runner with the Highest Flips wins these Pancake Races!! 

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :)

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