Monday, February 6, 2012

Spicy Potatoes & Colocasia/Taro Root (Arbi)

Spicy Potatoes & Colocasia/Taro Root (Arbi)
Serves 2

Here goes different names for Colocasia in our varied Indian Languages:
Bengali- Kochu

Gujarati- Colocasia Leaves (Patra/Patarveliya)

Hindi- Arbi
Kannada- Samagadde, Colocasia Leaves (Pathrode)
Odiya- Saru
Tamil- Cheppankizhangu
Telugu- Chamadumpa/Chamagadda

International Names- Cocoyam/Dasheen/Elephant Ear

New Baby Potatoes- 250 Grams, Peeled, cut in Halves & soaked in water
Colcosia (Arbi)- 150 Grams, Boiled & cut in even sized Slices
Onion- 1, Cut in Chunks & Roasted
Red Bell Pepper- 1 Small, Cut in Chunks & Roasted
Yellow Bell Pepper- 1 Small, Cut in Chunks & Roasted
Ginger- 1 Tsp., Minced
Olive Oil- To Fry

For the Spice Mix:
Cumin Seeds- 1 Tsp.
Black Pepper Corns- 10-12
Cloves- 4-5
Cinnamon- 2 Sticks
Dried Red Chilli- 3 No’s
Smoked Paprika- a Pinch
Chive Greens- 1 Tsp., Finely Chopped
Fresh Parsley- 1 Tsp., Finely Chopped

Dry Roast the whole Spices, Cool & Blend along with Smoke Paprika into a Fine Powder
Add Rosemary in the Spices
Arrange all the Vegetables (Baby Potatoes, Onions, Red Bell Peppers, Yellow Bell Peppers) on a Baking Tray
Sprinkle Minced Ginger & Put about a Tbsp. of the Spice Powder on the Vegetables & Mix Well
Keep it to bake in the Oven for about Minutes at 180-190 Degrees
Add the Fresh Chive Greens, Parsley & Serve Hot with Chutney/Dip!

Completely Wash the Arbi as being a Root Vegetable, skin may have a lot of hidden Dirt  
The most important step in this Recipe is the Boling Stage
There is a high chance that they may overcook & become mushy while boiling which should be avoided
The Arbi should be Cooled post boiling & be easy to peel off before cutting in to pieces

Can make this in the Traditional Stove Top Method:
Heat Oil, Add Onions, Bell Peppers & Sauté
Shallow Fry the Potatoes in Olive Oil till Golden Brown
Drain On Kitchen Paper
Follow the same Procedure to serve as above

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :)

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