Saturday, February 25, 2012

East Indian Style Potatoes & French Beans (Aloo Beans Tarkari)

Indian Vegetarian Main Course Special
Bengali Cuisine
East Indian Style Potatoes & French Beans (Aloo Beans Tarkari)
Serves 2

Fresh Green Beans- ½ Cup, Finely Chopped
Potatoes- 2 Medium, Chopped
Green Chillies- 2, Finely Chopped

For Tempering (Tadka):
Mustard Oil (Kacchi Ghani Sarson Tel)- 3 Tsp.
Panch Phoron- 1 Tsp., Equal Quantities of Cumin Seeds (Jeera), Fennel Seeds (Saunf), Fenugreek Seeds (Methi),  Mustard Seeds (Rai) & Nigella Seeds (Kalonji)
Turmeric Powder- ¼ Tsp.
Red Chilli Powder- ½ Tsp.
Salt- To Taste

In a Wide Non Stick Skillet (Kadhai), Heat Mustard Oil till Smoking Point
Add Panch Phoron & Sauté till the Seeds Splutter
Add Potatoes, Green Chillies and Sauté
Add Green Beans, Red Chilli Powder, Salt, Turmeric Powder and Sauté

Sprinkle some Water, Cover & Cook till the Vegetables are done
Keep Checking & Stirring in between so that the Vegetables don’t stick to the bottom of the Skillet
Serve Hot with Steamed Rice/Khichuri or Phulka/Roti/Parantha

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :)

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