Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yellow Split Lentil Sweet Confection (Dhuli Moong Dal Barfi)

Indian Festive Season Special!
Indian Vegetarian Dessert Special
Yellow Split Lentil Sweet Confection (Dhuli Moong Dal Barfi)
Traditional Indian Sweets! 
Serves 4

Split Yellow Lentil (De Skinned & Washed Green Gram) (Dhuli Moong Dal)- 250 Gms.
Dried Condensed Milk (Khoya)- 125 Gms.
Almonds- 3 Tbsp or 50 Gms.
Saffron- 1/4 Tsp.
Fresh Milk- 1 Tsp.
Clarified Butter (Ghee)- 250 Gms.
Cardamon Powder (Elaichi)- 1/4 Tsp.
Yellow Food Color- A Few Drops
Water- 2 Cups
Granulated Sugar- 1.6 Cups or 300 Gms.

Wash, Soak in Water for 4 Hours & Drain the Moong Dal.
Grind till Fine using Minimal Water. Set Aside
Roast the Khoya till Light Brown & Crumbly. Cool & Set Aside
Grind the Almonds & Set Aside
Heat Half of the Ghee in a Heavy Bottomed Saucepan on Low Flame
Add the Dal Paste, Stir & Cook till Light Brown & Aroma releases. Remove from Heat
Pour Water into a Large Vessel. Add Sugar & Boil till the Solution forms a Soft Ball when dropped on a cold surface
Add the Soaked Saffron. Stir & Pour into the Dal Mixture. Stir Gently
Pour this Mixture onto a Greased Tray. Set Aside to Col at Room Temperature
Cut into Squares & Serve Cold

Store in an Airtight Container


English- Saffron
Hindi- Kesar/Zafran
Telugu- Kunkumapuvvu

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :)

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