Sunday, January 1, 2012

The World of Teas!

‘CTC’ and ‘Orthodox’ are 2 different Tea Picking methods; just a look at the Tea Leaves & the stark differences can be spotted:

CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) Method of Tea Making, invented by the Kenyan in the 1930’s, Tea that mostly comes from Assam, Sri Lanka, parts of Africa & South America

Traditional Orthodox Tea Method produces a Nice Rolled Tea Leaf just like Tobacco, For Assam Orthodox Tea June-September is the Optimum Time to Buy, July Harvest is great, Needs to Boil the Tea for about 4- Minutes so that the Leaf opens up & give the Full Flavour, Darjeeling North Indian Tea is Malty, Slightly Creamy, Totally Clean but  Little Pointed, Irish & Assam Tea Best Tasted with Milk Melts Refreshing, The Elusive Asian Tea with Dried Jasmine Flowers is one of the best Afternoon Tea with Pastries

Ravindra Suchanti
Assam Tea
300 Tonnes of Tea produced every Year

Tea Tasting is a Fine Art in itself for people with Sensitive taste Buds but really difficult for the Chain Tobacco & Beetel Leaf (Pan) Chewers..Hmm..
If someone like me sets out for this Tasting, who has a Flair for the Typical Indian Style Masala Tea with lots of Fresh Ground Ginger, it can turn out to be quite a Challenge!

Each Tea has its Own Personality, like they should be tasted at different times of the Day, Each Garden produces Tea at Different times of the Year
150 Ml of Water, 2.5 Ml of Tea in Each Cup
When tasted with Milk, 2 Tsp of Milk in Each Cup
Milk goes in first at Room temperature, Boiling Hot Tea is Brewed for 6 Minutes & Poured into the Cup!
As Tea tends to Reflects Light, if kept against the Light it tends to Shine/Bounce off which gives a False Brightness to the Tea..quite intricate stuff!!
As expected between the Duller & Brighter, the Brighter Tea is always Preferred
Slurping & Spitting the Tea is a part of the Tea Tasting Process as Slurping produces the Oxygen required for the Tea's Flavour Releasing Process

Tea Tasting whether it's in Assam or Dublin takes more time & needs to be treated with Respect unlike the Fast ‘On the Go’ Coffee Consumption!

Add Eggs
Add White   Powder & Whisk Well
Add Grated Carrots & Combine

The Tart & Chocolate Reduction
Serve with Irish Tea!

Irish Patisserie & Tea go together very well

Some of the Great places for a Nice Afternoon Tea around the World are in Dublin (Ireland), Assam (India), Darjeeling (India)etc.

Tea Time should be the ‘New Lunch Time’ rather than spending more on Expensive Whole Dinners!

In Kolkata, Flurys was started by a Swiss couple as an exclusive Tearoom on the Famous Elite Park Street
a must visit for a quite lazy afternoon to just sit & watch Park Street commuters!

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