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Mumbai- India's Culinary & Financial Hub!

*Weekend Bites*

A. P. Ramalingam
26 Baldota House, Bhandarkar Road. 2402 6021.
This farsan store sells sweets like Mysore pak, boondi ladoo and wheat halwa, snacks like chakli and chivda and also pickles, pulses, spices, jaggery, sambhar powder, Madras rasam powder and molaga podi (a kind of dry chutney powder eaten with idlis and other South Indian fare). They also sell their own brand of ghee.

B. Shree Sunders
Near the exit of Matunga station, Bhandarkar Road. 2416 9216.
This South Indian restaurant is best known for its curd-rice, pesarattu (a moong dal dosa stuffed with chopped onions), nachini dosa and idlis. Their idlis are made with hand-ground rice, which makes them fluffier than those served at most other establishments, where they are made with rava. Shree Sunders also serves a mean pav bhaji dosa.

C. Ram Ashray
Near Matunga station, Lakhamsi Nappu Road. 2414 2623.
A large variety of dosas, uttapams and wadas. Their upma comes highly recommended and they are happy to replenish your chutney and sambhar at no extra cost.

D. Rama Nayak’s Udipi Sri Krishna Boarding
First Floor, LBS Market Building, Lakhamsi Nappu Road. 2414 2422.
At this Udipi, founded in 1942, a typical meal comprises rice, puris or chapatis, curry, raita, pappad, buttermilk, rasam, dal, pickle and curd. You can choose to eat your meal on a banana leaf or on a plate. A sign in the restaurant urges you towards the former; “Try eating in leaf in Indian way, without spoon”, it reads. The advantage: unlike the plate section, in the banana leaf section, you get unlimited servings of each item.

E. Café Gulshan
Balkrishna Nivas, near Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, opposite Matunga Gymkhana, Lakhamsi Nappu Road. 2414 3449.
This Irani café is the popular hangout of college students who attend one of three colleges in the vicinity (Podar, Ruia and Welingkar). Their bestsellers include mutton kheema (served plain or with eggs), Maggi masala, chicken roll, chicken dum biryani and bun-omelette sandwich.

F. DP’s Fast Food Centre
Near Ruia College, Lakhamsi Nappu Road. 2414 5326.
This student favourite serves street snacks and treats like pav bhaji, chaat, grilled sandwiches, paranthas, ice cream sundaes, falooda, kulfi, milkshakes and ice cream sodas.

G. Mani’s Lunch Home
153/C Mhaskar Building, behind DP’s Fast Food Centre, near Ruia College. 2412 7188.
This landmark restaurant is loved for South Indian staples like idli, medu vada, pongal, sheera, dal wada, rasam wada, kela baji, vegetable bonda, curd rice, and bisi bele bhath—all served with unlimited coconut chutney and sambhar. Unless you go for breakfast, it’s likely that they will be out of upma as it’s their most popular dish.

Sri. V.S. Mani Iyer was the fifth and last one among children’s of Sri. Late. Venkateshwaran Iyer and Late Smt. Ananthu Ammal, as being the last son he was also called as Sampoornam. Both Sri. Venkateshwaran Iyer and Smt. Ananthu Ammal expired due to the epidemic attack of small pox in the early childhood of Sri. V.S. Mani Iyer. While on their last breath though they much desired to at least have vision of their children, the villagers refused as they feared the epidemic deadly decease might spread to others. Then he requested to give a slate and pencil to note down his last desire addressed to their only daughter, Smt. Lakshmi Ammal. He expressed his bereave to leave, all their children alone like orphan and requested Smt. Lakshmi Ammal, to take better care of her brothers. Smt. Lakshmi Ammal along with her husband Sri. Ranganatha Iyer was really worthy to the words and maintained the whole family with great care and affection. But they have also their own difficulties. The main source of their income was the meager amount received by Sri. Ranganatha Iyer the only bread winner by way of cooking to household function and ceremonies. By appreciating the situation on by one all the children left their homes in their early childhood in search of livelihood. Sri. V.S. Mani Iyer like that of his other brothers left his home town Palakkad in his early childhood. He moved from one place to another and traveled almost all parts of India and served with various dignitaries in their home kitchen. And finally came to Mumbai and settled with his own venture in the field of catering by 1920’s. With his sound skills and vast experience could easily give a very good introduction to Mumbaikars exemplary exquisite South Indian delicious delicacies. He himself as a born cook, cooked himself, served and delivered at houses & offices, in bicycle.

H. Ayyappa’s
384 Dadhabawala Sadan, opposite Nalli Silks, Telang Road. 98923 43326.
This roadside dosa, idli and wada stall does roaring business. You can expect to find a crowd of suits, college students and aunties holding Nalli bags clamouring for fresh plates of medu wada and chutney, the Ayyappan special dosa and sabudana wada. They don’t stick to one spelling of their name but are thankfully more consistent with their food.

I. Amba Bhavan
Next to Guruvayoorappan Temple, opposite Milap store, Bhandarkar Road.
Both Amba Bhavan and Anand Bhavan (See N.) have fiercely loyal patrons. Members belonging to the Amba Bhavan camp make daily trips for wada, sambhar, masala dosa, dahi bhath, coconut sevai, wheat halwa, kela baji and rava dosa. No onions are used in the food as it is a Jain establishment. Closed on Thursdays.

J. Café Madras
38/II Circle House, Bhaudaji Road, King’s Circle. 2401 4419.
It’s where Matunga residents flock for breakfast. Fresh, fluffy idlis, even fluffier set dosas served with white butter, and steaming filter coffee served in steel bowls are part of the allure. Closed on Mondays.

K. Nayaks Sweets and Snacks
Opposite Café Madras, Bhaudaji Road, King’s Circle. 2401 2651.
This sweet mart is owned by the proprietors of Café Mysore (see L.). They sell dry fruit barfis, snacks like chaklis, baked chips and chivda, and MTR masalas.

L. Café Mysore
Durlabh Nivas, Bhaudaji Road, King’s Circle. 2402 1230.
Picks include the tomato omelette, khotto idli (steamed in a jackfruit leaf shaped like a cup) and the filter coffee.

M. Just Chill 7
Shop No. 4, Ram Niwas Building, Bhaudaji Road, King’s Circle.
Sells softies in flavours of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and butterscotch, and slushies in flavours of orange, kalakhatta and lemon. Best-known for the Blossom, a kalakhatta or orange slushie float.

N. Anand Bhavan
461/A Ram Niwas, Maheshwari Udyan, Dr. Ambedkar Road, King’s Circle. 2401 5745.
This lunch home serves excellent home-style upma, set dosa, Mysore onion rava dosa, sambhar bhath, bisi bele bhath, pesarattu and coffee. Ask for the molaga podi to add a kick to your meal.

O. Idli House
462, Ram Bhavan, opposite Jain Temple, Dr. Ambedkar Road, King’s Circle. 3246 0111.
The idlis-only restaurant is owned by the proprietors of Rama Nayak’s Udipi Shri Krishna Boarding. They serve about 13 varieties, including khotto, masala, mudho (idli steamed in kedki leaves), pepper and Mysore rava idli, each of which comes with a host of coconut chutneys flavoured with either chillies, garlic, ginger or mustard seeds. They offer home delivery within Matunga.

P. Nanumal Bhojraj
Shops No. 3 and 4, Gani Mansion, behind Aurora Cinema, near Sahakari Bhandar. 2408 0704.
It’s the one place with no idli, dosa and wada on the menu. They serve authentic Punjabi and Sindhi fare like Sindhi curry, dal palak, rajma masala, dahi curry and besan kofta. Their menu boasts a long list of whole wheat parathas. Home delivery between Lower Parel and Bandra.

Q. Classic Fast Food
466 Mehta Building, Nathalal Parekh Road, opposite Don Bosco Church. 2409 3204.
This is Matunga’s equivalent of a Shiv Sagar. They serve a mix of idlis, dosas, sandwiches, pav bhaji, Punjabi and Chinese fare.

R. Koolar & Co.
541 Noor Mahal, on the junction of Dr. Ambedkar Road and H. Adenwala Road. 2412 5062.
This Irani café was set up in 1932. The proprietor, Ali, is given to using profanities (when talking to the staff) and is known to talk nineteen to the dozen with customers, both old and new. Gorge on their “Wrestler omelette”, made using five eggs. Other must-haves are kheema pav, chicken omelette, burji pav and Irani tea.

Breakfast @ The Idli House located at Matunga Mumbai
This place has been running since 1942
The variety may leave you gasping but just take a look at what all is availabe here:
Idli in Vengaaya Sambar, Oondi Idli Coocnuts Konkani Dish , Mudho Idli in Kewra Leaves from Mangalore Soft Fluffy expands more, Sanna Khotto Masala Idli JackFruit Leaves,  Mysore Rava Idli Cahewnuts Ideally with Red Chutney, Simple Khotto Idli JackFrit Leaves with Little Coconut Oil & Pickle, Ideally Coconut Oil with Steaming Flavour nof Jackfruit & Pickle, Kaapi

Sardar Pav Bhaji Tordeo Rd Junction started in 1966 by Sardar Ahmed
Priced at 75/-

Bade Miyan in Colaba Paneer Tikka 80/-, Paneer Roll 90/-, Chicken Leg/Tangdi 150/-, Reshmi Tikka 75/-, Mutton Seekh Kebab 80/-

Soam Opp. Babulnath Temple Choupatti 
this pure Vegetarian Restaurant has almost 5 different varieties of Khichdi
Kokum, Sweet Lemon Basil Punch Sharbat
Ragi Spinach Sesame Seeds with Yoghurt
Handvo with Chutney (Tikki shaped)
Famous Satpari Roti 7 layered Roti served with Gatte ki Sabzi
Spinach Puree Cracked Wheat Khichdi (Green in color), Vaghareli Khichdi, Masala Fada ni Khichdi
Potatoes & Onions Sambariya with Biscuit Bhakhri

Mahesh Lunch Home for Mangalorean Seafood in the Fort area especially Crab in Butter Pepper Garlic
Lunch @ Ideal Corner Parsi Cuisine located at the Fort Mumbai 25 years banker turned Restarauter
Vegetarians can have the Parsi Masala Dal
Dessert like the Laganu Custard Milk
Made with Milk that is slowly boiled to half the quantity, next Sugar is added which then is completely cooled down, Beaten Eggs are slowly added
Add Nutmeg Powder, Few Drops of Vanilla Essence which then is topped with Chironji Seeds Baked as slow as possible

Kala Ghoda Cafe

Some famous South Indian Restaurants are
Mani's Sunders Hanuman Cafe

Highway Gomantak Coastal Sea Food Resturant Gandhi Nagar Bandra (E) Mumbai for Goan & Maharashtrian Cuisine

Bombli Fry, Kolambi Fry, Tisrya, Green Chicken

Even though Seafood dominates the Menu, there is a Special Spicy Vegetarian Thali with Kokum Kadhi, Banana Flowers, Lentil, Rice, Roti, Kharvas (Dessert from a Lactating Cow's Milk which in different languages is called Ginnu (Kannada), Posu (Konkani), Kharvas (Marathi), Junnu (Telugu)

Haji Ali Juice Center & Restaurant starts at about 5 AM
Anar Strawberry specials but should be asked without Sugar

A visit to the classic Cafe Mondegar in Colaba wouldn’t hurt being in the Mumbai Culinary Hopping list!
Dinner @ Cool Chef Cafe located in Mumbai
This place has a Nice Imperial ambience & the Food is Prepared by the Cool Chef Kaviraj!
Veg Sushi California Roll is Made with Knori Sheets & Filled with KoshihiKari Rice
Spread the Rice evenly Horizontally on the Sheet
Put Long Carrot, Cucumber &  Avocado Sticks, Special Japanese Mayonnaise & Sprinkle Powdered Spice Mix
Roll just like a Sushi & Keep Aside
The Roll should be cut into slices just before serving
Served with Pickled Ginger & Bao Buns

Joshi Bhojanalay is famous with the Gujarati Business Community for its Vegetarian Food



Britania & Co. Restaurant at Ballard Estate
Owners serve Persian
has been Licensed since 1949 the British Era and named so because of the word 'Brit' in their Name
Burrp Certified, Furniture imported from Poland which is of Pre World War 2
Fresh Lime Soda Rose Raspberry Ice Cream Soda Spicy Ginger served in Glass Bottles
Motto is 'their is no greater love than the love of eating'
there are many Veg Items for every Non Veg item like Chicken Berry Pulao 250/- made with Zereshk (Barberry imported from Iran)

Veg Berry Pulav 150/- has Barista means Bhuna Pyaz Veg Kebab
Sali Boti 230/- made with Potato & Boneless Chicken, Vegetarian Dhansak 150/- with Thick Multi Dal

Chilled Caramel Custard 60/- is good, Puff Cake is Irani specialty

Mumbai's Wasabi Restaurant is great place to go International Cuisine

Palladium's Indigo Deli and Café Moshe’s need to quicken up their Service Timings to beat the Smoke House Grill (1400/- Approx for a Meal for 2)

Vegetarian Creamy Fiery Smoked Pimento & Jalapeno Crostini
Bland Chickpea and Horseradish Fritters
Non Veg Appetizers like Iced Chicken Liver Pate with Apple Marmalade (Rusk-sized pieces of crisp Baguette smeared with a subtle Marmalade, the sweetness of which was nicely offset by the robust intensity of the smooth, chilled Liver Pate)
Devilled Tenderloin Bites (sophisticated version of a spicy Goan Beef Chilli Fry served over a savoury, Biscuit-like pastry swirl)
Grilled Tuna Sandwich & Baby Fennel, Smoked Chicken & Thyme Soup
Whole Wheat Sandwih has Celery, Scallions & lots of Thousand Island Dressing
Smoked Chicken & Oregano Burger (with Juicy, Herbed Minced Chicken Patty)


The Olive Bar and Kitchen/Restaurant in Mahalaxmi Racecourse by AD Singh
The ambiance includes an International Chef Mac, list of Wines from around the World, Horse Stable & much more!
Olive has been active since 1993
Famous for its Dishes like Lobster & of course its one of the most Frequented Celebrity Clientele,

J Thakkar Sweets & Snacks in Andheri is a must place for some authentic sweets

*Unique Places to Visit*

Ballard Estate, Villages of Mazgaon & Bandra

MTDC offers City Tours

Cricket Club of India

Raj Singh Dungarpur

Taj Mahal Hotel

a visit to any Film Set

Royal Western India Turf Club

Juhu Chowpatty

Sandip Soparrkar

Royal Classique

Not Just Jazz By the Bay

Gothic Victorian High Rise Buildings around the Beach

Balakrishna is a Bollywood Poster Artist in the City (he is one of the 2 or 3 Skilled people in India)
but given the challenges like Computerization & Vinyl Paintings, it is hard to Survive!

National Gallery of Modern Art for artists like M.F.Hussain Padamsee

Atul & Anju Dodiya Artists

One of the interesting Film related areas is Marital Arts & now more than 500 specialized Stunt Man & Action Directors equipped with a lot of Art Forms are in the Film Industry like Rafiq, Veeru Devgan, Abbas Ali Moghul, Ram Shetty

One of the Ancient Indian Martial Art forms is Malkhamb where Trainees learn the Art & practice on Rope, Wood Pole etc.

Dadar Shivaji Park Sachin Tendulkar used to practice here

Chor Bazaar, Mutton Street

Shop called Bollywood Bazaar for Memorabilia & Awards  

Philips opposite Regal Cinema

Feel free to share your views as on how this Trip turned out & do let us know of any Quality Bakeries/Cafe/Restaurants in your area :)

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