Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sugarfree Apple Cranberry Crumble

International Eggless Desserts Special
Sugarfree Apple Cranberry Crumble
Serves 3-4


For Filling:

Butter- 50 Grams
Apples-  2, Washed, Peeled & Cut in Cubes
Cranberries- 100 Grams
Cinnamon Powder- 1/3 Tbsp.
Orange Juice- 1 Tbsp.

For Crumble:
Flour- 50 Grams
Butter-50 Grams
Sugarfree- 25 Grams
Almond Flakes- 50 Grams 
Toasted Oats (optional)

For Filling:
In a Big Non Stick Pot, Heat Butter, add Apples & Sweat these
Add Cinnamon, Cranberries, Orange Juice, Cook Covered on Low Flame till Half done or about 10 Minutes

For Crumble Mix:
Mix Flour, Butter, Sugarfree with hands to achieve a Bread Crumbs consistency
Add Almonds & Mix

Put the Apple Mix in a Small Baking Cups/Ramekins
Cover the Cup with the Crumble
Put the Cups in a Tray & keep to Bake 170 Degrees for 20-25 Minutes or till the Crust gets Golden
Serve Fresh, Dust with Sugar with Low Fat Cream!

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :)

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