Monday, February 6, 2012

Some Great Ideas to Plan Your Valentine's!!

Start Planning early from now on which is like a Month ahead & you can make this a great Valentine Surprise your Spouse!

Valentine Dinner:

Begin the Multi Layer Spread with Soups & Starters & End with Desserts, thing like a Warm Soup, For Main Course International a Classic though Eggless Ravioli Or in Indian Cuisine White & Pink Colored Heart Shaped Layered Pulao with Fresh Raita would be some Great Options to Woo your Partner!

Plan on Including some Pomegranate in your Meal as by the time you finish reading this Post, I am sure you will love this Fruit to the Core just as I was Amazed!
Pomegranate was supposed to be the actual Fruit of Temptation in the Garden of Eden, instead of an Apple. It is perhaps the most Celebrated, Fascinating, & Mysterious Fruits in the World. The Islamic Faith believes that Pomegranates grow in the Gardens of Paradise & the Quran mentions Pomegranates 2 Times more the Worth of All the Gifts God creats!

Strawberry Layered Cake for Me :D:)!!!!

Valentine Special- a Healthy Breakfast for the Morning after :)!!!!

Cheese & Onion Omelette:

Whisk Eggs, pinch of Salt
Add Parmesan & Parsley in the Egg Batter & Whisk
Sauté Onions till Translucent
Pour Batter on Pan, Add Onions
When done, fold in Half & Serve Fresh!

Can fold Eggs with any filling of choice
Leave some Liquid Egg in the Batter before putting on the Pan as an Omelette cooks even on the plate, so it needs to be served right away fresh from the Pan
In case there is extra liquid left, leave it to settle on the Plate before eating
Eggs are such a good source of Protein in the Morning, is quick & easy to make & can be made either into an Omelette, Scrambled Eggs, Baked Eggs, Soufflé or Frittata

French Crepes:
Simple, Light, Easy to make but look like they took a lot of effort to make!
Nutella Spread
Banana Sliced

Mix Eggs Add some Flour & Whisk
a Free Flowing Batter is very important for this Recipe
Heat Butter in Pan
Pour the Batter
Rotate & immediately Drop back the extra Batter in the bowl straight from the Pan so that a Thin Layer of Crepe stays back on the Pan
Add Bananas, Nutella on top
Fold & Sprinkle Icing Sugar

Can make the next Crepe with Lemon Juice & Sugar 
just the same way, one can experiment with the Toppings available in the Next Crepe

Bircher Muesli:
a Traditional Swiss Recipe which is far superior to any Breakfast
Cereal filled with loads of Nutrition for the Day ahead!

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :)

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