Sunday, January 22, 2012


French Fries with McDonald Ketchup:

A month long ‘Spicy Fest’ began in April where the use of Mexican, African and Asian spices is the main highlight

These New products were discontinued by the month of July which was disappointing as we really liked these Burgers with the Multigrain Bun with Flavourful Pattie, New Spice Mixes & Dips!!

At Rs 69, these Mexican Burgers have Cheese & a Spicy Jalapeno Sauce for added Flavour

Mexican Spice Vegetarian Burger

McSpicy Shake Shake Fries with Piri Piri Spice Mix
McSpicy Meal has French Fries, Piri Piri Spice Mix (comes with Large Meal) with Shake Shake Bag

Newest addition to their Menu is the McEgg priced at 25/-

Location preferred by us in Delhi: CP (Near Saravana Bhavan), Green Park Market, ITO, South Ext. is Bigger with multiple Floors with Room for Children to play

in Chennai: Velachery

Feel free to share your views & do let us know of Quality Bakeries/Cafe/Restaurants in your area :)

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