Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chocolate & Prune Brownie

International Desserts Special
Chocolate & Prune Brownie

Eggs- 3
Sugar 150-160 Grams
Fresh Vanilla Pods- Scraped
Cocoa Powder-
Dates- 75 to 80 Grams, Finely Chopped
Prunes- 75 to 80 Grams, Pitted, Finely Chopped

On a Double Boiler, add the Chocolate & Melt it till Creamy
Add the Butter & Mix Well
Keep aside

For Batter:
Whisk Eggs & Sugar together till Creamy
Add the Chocolate Mix
Add the Flour & Cocoa Powder, Gently Fold both in the Batter

In a Greased Tray lined with Butter Paper, Pour the Batter
Bake at 170 Degrees C for about 35 Minutes
Check if Done
Scrape the side, make sure it can be removed easily
Hold the Brownie Tin with the Plate & turn it upside down on a Serving Plate
Sprinkle Powdered Sugar & Cut in Big Squares like Brownie

While Melting Chocolate on a Double Boiler, the added Butter provides an great Sheen & Gloss for any Brownie Recipe

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :)

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