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Kolkata & Bengali Cuisine

Kolkata has a lot to offer the Food Lovers in Areas of Chaurangi Lane, Park Street etc.

Park Street has Authentic Bengali Food & a variety of Authentic Cuisines to cater to different palettes

Hotel Hindusthan International located on 235/1 A J C Bose Road, Kolkata 700020

College Street has Indian Coffee House
"Adda" means a place for meeting up with friends for Chat or even Debating (that the Bengali Culture is famous for)

Traditional Bengali Breakfast:

Bhojohari Manna Hindustan Road for Traditional Bengali Breakfast
Get a mix of Bengal & Ghothi Food
Luchi Alor Dum
The Cutlets are Non Oily unlike North
Mochar Ghonto
Mochar Paturi
Moong Dal with Bhath Lemon Juice

Kewpie's Elgin Road
Aloo Dum, Koraishutir Kochuri, Baigun Bhaja, Luchi (Maida Puris), Prawns (Dab Chingli) cooked & served in Coconut covering, Pineapple Chutney Mishti Doi
5 Flavours of Bitter Sweet Pungent Astringent (Paan)

Oldest Restaurant Anandi Cabin in Dharamtala
Famous for Mughlai Parantha available  28/-
Square shaped made with Maida Egg Ginger Onion Mutton Keema Carrot Potatoes lots of Oil

Tea Tasting & Auction since 1860
A professional Tea Taster uses all their 5 senses for the job

Flury's started by Swiss Couple at Park Street
Tea Cafe with Pastries etc.

Momos Street early in the morning
Old China Town was in the Central part of the city but the New one is in Tangra (Eastern part of the City)
During the 18th Century, the Chinese made entry into India

New Tangra Road
Beijing Bar & Restaurant on Christopher Road
Honey Chicken 215/-, Famous Golden Fried Prawns 510/-, Vegetable Lung Fung Soup 135/-, Chicken in Black Bean Soup 245/- Sauce with Green Chillies, Mixed Vegetables with Pok Choy, Fried Tofu with Chilli Garlic 180/-

Chinese Bentinck street

Dacres Lane Famous Chole Kulcha

Special Tea 3/- Vegetable Stew 17/- (Carrot Potatoes Beans light Flavoured) served with Toasted Bread

Traditional Bengali Lunch: 

Kasturi Restaurant Mushtaq Ahmed Street
Speciality is Mustard based Dishes
Specialized East Bengal Cuisine
Churi Sliced Fried Potatoes
Vetki Paturi

Aliah Restaurant:
Since 1928 in Central Kolkata for Kolkata Mughlai Cuisine
The origin of Mughlai came from Nawab Wajid Ali Shah from 1886
Kolkata Potato Biryani, Razala, Pasanda Pulao Chaap Mutton etc.

Nizam's Restaurant:
Origin of the Non Veg Kathi Kebabs like Double Mutton & Double Chicken rolled in with Maida Egg Parantha (cooked in Dalda)
this place doesn't serve Beef

College Street
Kalika famous for Pakoda's among Students
Aloo Chop Fish Chop Fish Roll Fish Cutlet Vegetable Chop
Special Kele ka Pakoda Mocha served with Sarson ka Paste

Traditional Bengali Sweets:

The K C Das Factory at Shyam Bazaar, Kolkata is a Must Trip for all the Rasgulla Lovers 
There has been a debate whether the Famous Rasgullas were invented by Nabin Chandra Das

The process involves the Milk which is Boiled, Curdled, Strained through Cheese Cloth, Washed in Water, Churned again till a Creamy Chenna is passed through Machinery which releases the Medium Soft Chenna which is then made into Soft Rasgulla Balls by hands, Dipped in Sugar Syrup & Packed in Metal Tins! 
more than 1 Million Tins produced each year!

Balram Mullick Ballygunj Bhavanipur
Favorite Sweets
Sandesh Chenna cooked with Sugar

Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Nandi in Shyambazar is a 164 year old shop in North Kolkata
Gulab Sandesh with Rose Petals on top!

“Jolbhora” (literally means filled with water) has different Syrups like Date Palm Juice, Chocolate/Strawberry/Mango /Butterscotch /Black Current syrups or even Jams & “Nolen Gur” Sandesh during Winters

Fresh Buffalo Milk is Boiled, strained through Muslin, the resulting Chenna is massaged with Bare Hands which produces a Grainy Chenna which is then cooked with Sugar & any Additives
The Sandesh comes in two basic classes, the Kora (Hard) & the Norom (Soft)

Nolengurer Jalbhora Sandesh (Date Palm Jaggery Sandesh)
Nolen Gur is the magical Jaggery from the sap of Date Palm trees. It is a variety of natural Sweetener that is only found in Bengal & Odisha
Mohan Dal with Condensed Milk
Chenna in Banana Leaf
Mishti Doi varieties like the Mishti Doi Kulfi
Lichi Payesh

Three Famous P’s of Bengal: Politics, Pish, Pootball!!!

Baghbazar is where the 19th Century Bengali Aristocracy & Royal Families built their Palaces with Hindu European & Muslim Architectures
home to legendary Freedom Fighters, Musicians,Writers etc. some are even as old as 10th Century

China Town:
What one must have on a visit up here are the breakfast items on the street!
There are 2 China-town's, the Old one in Central part of the City & the other one in Eastern part of the City

Sova Baazar:
Durga Pujo is major event which one should attend if possible

Destruction of Demon Mahishasura by Goddess Durga is
Clay Artists (Komartuli) who are involved in the Idol Construction especially when the Idol comes to life (Idol is painted with its Eyes) is overall a laborious process
On the last day Dashami, Clay Idol immersed in water has to be seen to be believed with the Mass participation from the Community

Visit Nolban Lake for a place to spend amidst Peace & tranquility, a perfect Getaway Spot!
Can opt for Boated Tours like Joyrides with Family, Romantic Cruises, Deluxe Shikara

Rabindra Sangeet Vikram Ghosh Tabla Maestro is known for his in depth knowledge of Indian & Western Instruments
His troupe Rhythmscape & his Solo performance are worth attending to!

Tram Rides especially the New ones are a must ride on a trip to the City
One of the most Famous Landmarks in the City is the Victoria Memorial

College Street Boi Para Second Hand Books

Famous for its 3 T's: Tea, Timber & Tourism

Kalpana Pice Hotel in Bidhan Market
Menu includes Loads of Rice with Cheetal Fish (Strong Flavoured, Soft, Fatty Fish better than Hilsa, Elish for its Devotees) Patty 300/-, Chingri 150/-, Mishti Doi 20/-, Dal 10/-, Chai Biscuit for Adda Lovers!
Shukto available during Lunch time


Famous Keventers Restaurant

Open Terrace with amazing view of the Kanchenjunga
Specialty is their Continental & English Style (esp. Non Vegetarian) Breakfast with Cheese toast, Sausages, Baked Beans, Egg, Ham, Bacon with the Local Darjeeling Tea or a Cuppa of Hot Chocolate etc.

Hot Stimulating Cafe on Hooker Road
Serves only Vegetarian Food, Special Bambo Beer
Menu includes Pancake with Honey 34/-, Noodles, Momos 25/-, Thukpa 25/-, Tumba 45/-

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zooligical Park
Himalayan Mountaneering Institute


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