Saturday, January 7, 2012

Banana Pudding with Caramel Sauce

International Dessert Special
Banana Pudding with Caramel Sauce
Serves 3-4

Ripe Bananas- 3 No’s
Soft Butter- 175 Grams (6 Ounces)
Brown Sugar-
Castor Sugar- ½ Cup
Self Raising Flour- 2 Cups
Baking Powder- ½ Tsp.
Eggs- 3 No’s

For Caramel Sauce:
Single Cream- 1- ½ Cup
Brown Sugar- 3- ½ Cup

Mash Ripe Bananas in a Bowl with a Fork
In a Mixer, Add Soft Butter, Brown Sugar, Castor Sugar
Add Self Raising Flour, Baking Powder, Eggs & Whisk till Nicely Combined or for about a Minute or so
In a Lined Rectangular Aluminium Baking Tin, Spray Cooking Butter
Adjust & Fold the Butter Paper hanging out length wise on both sides
Pour the Mixture, Smoothen it & Give it a Shake so it settles down
Keep it to Bake in a 120 C Oven till done (Check with a Skewer to see if it comes out clean)

For Caramel Sauce:
In a Thick Bottomed Sauce Pan, Mix Single Cream, Brown Sugar & Let it Simmer till the Mixture turns Sauce like & thickens
Pour this Hot Liquid Caramel over the Pudding
Cut in Slices & Serve Warm!

Brown Sugar adds a Nice Caramel flavour to this Dish

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :)

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