Sunday, December 25, 2011

Masala Souffle with Amul Cheese

International Main Course Special 

Masala Souffle with Amul Cheese
Serves 4

Amul Butter- 125 Grams
All Purpose Flour (Maida)- 125 Grams
Milk- 600 ml.
Eggs (Egg Yolks & Egg Whites)- 6
Pipali Peppers Powder- 1 Tsp., Finely Ground
Amul Processed Cheese- 200 Grams
Salt- To Taste
Chili Flakes-
Garlic- 2-3 Cloves, Chopped
Parmesan Cheese/Breadcrumbs- To Coat the Baking Cups
Fresh Mint Leaves- 6 to7

Melt the Chilled Butter in a Pan
Add Flour and Whisk to Cook till the Raw Smell of Flour Disappears
Add Milk and Whisk
Add Egg Yolks and Whisk
Add Salt & Chili Flakes and Cook for 3-4 Minutes by Whisking Continuously to avoid Lumps
As a Creamy Texture appears Remove from Flame
Add Garlic, Mint Leaves, Pippali Pepper Powder & Whisk well
Add Freshly Grated Processed Cheese & Whisk

Next Step would be to Beat the Egg White & Salt for 7-10 Minutes to get a Nice Fluffy Consistency
Gently Fold the Egg Whites into the Soufflé Mix till a Coating Consistency is achieved
Grease the Baking Cups inside and also on the Rim with Butter 
Dust with Parmesan Cheese or Breadcrumbs Inside the Baking Cups
Sprinkle with Chili Flakes, Pippali Pepper Powder & Mint Springs
In a Preheated Oven (180 Degrees Celsius) Bake till 10-12 Minutes
Tastes best when consumed fresh out of the Oven
Serve it on a Plate with any Vegetable Sauce/Tomato Ketchup

Addition of Pureed Vegetable is optional

Separately Beaten Egg Yolks Provide a Great for Body & Flavor in Baked Dishes Especially Souffle!

Be Careful to use Less Salt as Cheese & Butter have their own Salt

The Main Secret is the Ayurvedic Herb for Longevity called Pippali Pepper Powder (Indian Long Pepper). 
If used Freshly Ground these Peppers give a Refreshing Pungent Flavor to the Dish. If these Peppers are not available, can use Freshly Ground Black

Beaten Egg Whites provide a Light texture and help the Baked Dishes Rise Especially Soufflé!

'Stiff Peaks' are Stiff formations during Beating that doesn't Fall when turned upside down

Ramekins are Single-Serving small Glazed Ceramic/Porcelain/Glass serving Bowl in which the dish is cooked or baked. Mostly used for Baking & Serving Casseroles, Puddings, Muffins, Cupcakes, Soufflé, Brulee, Egg Dishes etc. Also, Recipes using Egg Whites are Prepared in Ramekins for even Heating of Food.

P.S: Courtesy MasterChef India Season 2 

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :)

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