Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello :)

Hello All :),
I officially start blogging today so hope you all like my first attempt :) 
I will try to share as much as we can gather some of the well kept secrets of our Vegetarian Telugu cuisine and the world famous 'Dilli ka khana'. I will be primarily blogging from Chennai, our very own capital Dilli/Delhi and maintain my travel log for all over across India & Abroad
Being a Telugu born & Raised in Delhi with Maternal Chennai influence & to top it all married into a Telugu Family from Odisha, whew!!!
My Mother-in-Law has had an interest & good knowledge of Rare Ayurvedic Herbs, Vegetarian Oriya-Jharkhand-Uttar Pradesh Recipes & a varied Eastern Cuisine influence & great Tips as she along with her Kids (my Husband & his Elder Sister) were Born & Raised in Odisha which puts me in quite a beneficial spot
I must admit that we have been lucky to incorporate my Mother-in-Law’s expertise in our Kitchen & those closely guarded Secrets of the North-South, East-West have definitely become an inspiration for us as we can include all these Posts which encompass India as a whole in our Blog
So to start with, with the winter season on the roll along with Christmas festivities kicking in, lots of items would be prepared specially and Christmas shopping would be on the list as well
I hope our attempt at the Fusion of Our Passion for Blogging & Cooking (yes the term is Blooking!) can be a learning ride for all
We salute all the Working People, Students, Bachelors, and Newly Wed Couples who have bravely moved away from home and are making it big on their own
It has almost become a requirement for everybody to be 'On the Run' which includes from being busy at School, College, Home, Businesses, or a Hectic Corporate Lifestyle. Amidst all this, we definitely miss our families who pampered us especially our Mom's Magic Touch! 
When it comes to recreating the same for ourselves, we may necessarily not have all the technique, equipment, tips and most importantly the patience and time to replicate the same recipes. We will try and post some tried and tested, easy to make recipes which can be made without wasting a lot of time but all it needs is love for whom we will be making it :)!
Om Sai Ram  :)


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  2. Food blog, nice idea Deepti :) Keep going ! Love the title.