Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Grandmother's Handy Tips- Wellness

Drink Water (with a Tulsi Leaf Dipped) in Bell Metal Ore (Kansa) Glass on a Frequent Basis to get a dose of Tin, Copper and Iron.
Since a long time in India almost until 1950's, most Kitchen Ware were made from Clay, Porcelain, Brass (Peetal), Bell Metal (Kansa), Copper (Tamba), Iron (Loha), and Wood. Kansa Metal Dishes do not Tarnish Easily & are Suitable for Serving.

Include Drinking Warm Water boiled with Honey & Cinnamon Powder first thing early in the Morning & at Night for Healthy Weight Control Lifestyle

Goodness of Ghee!
Used for Tadka on Dal, to Smear on Roti, or just prepare our Fresh Greens (Saag)
The Benefit of Cow's Ghee is that it is loaded with Antioxidants, has Anti Aging, Anti Bacterial, Anti Cancer, Anti Inflammatory Medicinal Curative Properties, is Good for Digestion & Skin
As Ghee has been Approved by the Nutritionists, we can Consume it Daily (Preferably 1 Tsp.) in a Sensible Guilt-Free way though with Restraint!
So we all can Enjoy the Purest Form of Home made Ghee over a Lifetime!
When we give, we get a lot more from the Mother Nature :)

Pomegranate Magic!
Thanks to the Real Fruit Juice Pomegranate Flavor Pack, I found some Interesting information on Why to Include Pomegranate/ Pomegranate Juice in Our Daily Meal
So, Pomegranate was supposed to be the actual Fruit of Temptation in the Garden of Eden, instead of an Apple. It is perhaps the most Celebrated, Fascinating, & Mysterious Fruits in the World. The Islamic Faith believes that Pomegranates grow in the Gardens of Paradise & the Quran mentions Pomegranates 2 Times more the Worth of All the Gifts God creates! So this is definitely be a Great Idea! 

Have ‘Anti- Cholesterol Shake’ (works wonders!) which is a combination of Orange, Papaya & Banana blended together which beats Cholesterol as it has a dose of Vitamin C, Potassium & Fibre

Carrot Juice blended with Pomegranate can give a great Eye sight & Healthy Skin!

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