Friday, December 23, 2011

Fruit Custard

International Egg less Sweets Special
Fruit Custard
Serves 4 to 6

Apples- 1 Medium
Oranges- 1 Medium
Pears- 1 Medium
Black Grapes- 12 to 15 No’s
Kiwi- 1 Medium
Papaya- ½ Cup
Pomegranate Seeds- ¼ Cup

Milk- 2 Cups
Custard Powder- 3 Tbsp.
Sugar- 3 Tbsp

Dry Fruits (5 Almonds, 5 Pistachios) - To Garnish

Cherries- To Garnish

Soak Almonds Overnight
Drain, Peel & Slice Almonds
In a Bowl, Add 3 Tbsp of Cold Milk with 2 Tbsp of Custard Powder and Mix it properly.
Boil the Remaining Milk
Gradually add the Custard-Milk Mix and Stir continuously.
Add Sugar and Mix Well.
Bring the Custard Mix to a Boil. Keep the Custard aside to Cool

Meanwhile, Wash & Dice Apples & Pears
Wash, Peel and Dice Papaya into Medium size.
Peel the Orange & remove the Skin and Seeds.
Wash, De Seed & Dice Grapes.
Gently Peel the Kiwifruit and Dice into Small Pieces. 
Roast, Cool, De Skin & Slice Pistachios

In the Meantime, as Custard Cools, add the Mixed Fruits
Garnish with Dry Fruits, Cherries and Serve Immediately!


·         Try to use at least 4.5 % Fat Milk for a Creamy & Yummy looking Custard!
·         Can add Bananas as well but make sure that they are Mixed with the Custard just before Serving, as they tend to lose Water easily
·         Diced Apple and Pears should be Soaked in Water to prevent Discoloration.
It is Easy to Remove Pomegranate Seeds Soaked in Water as the Waste particles will float in water and can be discarded easily
Almonds can also be used this way- Microwave in 1/2 Cup Water for Couple of Minutes, Cool & Peel for Quick Usage
Chopped Dates can be added

Keep the Custard to Chill in the Refrigerator.
Garnish with Dry Fruits, Cherries & Serve Chilled!

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :)

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