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English Cuisine- Decadence Unlimited!

British/English Cuisine

People regularly visit the Farmer's Market for Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables
Handmade Pork Pie Stall
Fresh Seafood & Fish Stall
Brown Eggs

Leftover cuts of Meat were the Peasent's Favorite Food 

 Centuries ago, every Village & Town had its own Unique Sausages from Lincolnshire Pork & Sage, Cambridge, Cumberland Pork Thick, Blood Sausage etc.
Gamon is Ham Steak (made with Bacon Leg)
Famous Traditional Blood Sausage/Black Pudding/Sausage (made with Pig's Blood, Rye, Oatmeal, Onion, Barley, Spices etc.)

Famous Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding from Yorkshire:
Boneless Beef (Scotch) Rolled in Flour 2 Tbsp.
Seal the Meat in about 2 Tbsp. Oil
When well Coated, stick in some Rosemary Sprigs in the Meat
Bake for 1 Hour for about 1 Kg Meat

For Pudding:
Whisk Eggs with Full Cream Milk
Mix the Egg Mix with Flour (sifted with Baking Powder Salt)
Pour some Water in the Pudding Pan

Farm House produced Dairy Cheeses are consumed like the Blue Cheese, Goat & Sheep Milk Cheese

Seafood dominates in Fish & Chips

the Famous Pork Pies are a Hunting Community essential 

Roll Mops

Pigs in Blanket

Roly Poly

English Favorite Eggy Bread BLT:
Stale Sourdough/French Baguette/Ciabatta- 1 Loaf cut into 3, six inch loaves & halved
Bacon- 6 to 8 strips without the Rinds
Free Range Eggs- 6
Milk- 2 Tbsp.
Extra Light Olive Oil- 1 Tbsp.
Tomatoes- 2, Finely Sliced
Rocket Leaves- 25 Grams
Dijon Mustard- 1 Tbsp.
Mayonnaise- 2 Tbsp.
Sea Salt & Black Pepper- For Seasoning
Tomato Ketchup

Whisk Eggs, Salt & Milk
Soak the Bread in Eggs for about a minute on one side

Heat Oil Add Bacon Strips & on medium heat Fry till Crisp
Set aside on a Kitchen Paper

Toast the Bread by placing the cut side down & cook for 1-2 Minutes till Golden Brown on each side

Spread Mayo, Ketchup, Mustard, cripsy Bacon, Lettuce thick Tomato Slice, cracked Pepper & Dijon Mustard on the Toast with

English Favorite Eggy Bread by Nigella Lawson:
For Cinnamon Plums:

250ml/9fl oz Cranberry Juice
100g/3½oz Caster Sugar
500g/1lb 2oz Plums
1 Cinnamon Stick

For Eggy Bread:

2 Free-Range Eggs
60ml/2½fl oz Full-Fat Milk
½ tsp Ground Cinnamon
1 tbsp Sugar
4 large slices Stale White Bread
2 tbsp soft, Unsalted Butter

In Cinnamon Stick Whole Plums Syrup

Eggs Cinnamon Powder
Soak the Bread Slices in Egg Mixture
Heat Butter & Toast the Eggy Bread
Top with Plums & Scarlett Syrup

Beetroot is also used extensively

Classic British Hot Sticky Pudding Cooked Golden Syrup in a Tin:
Whisk Castor Sugar Unsalted Butter
Add Eggs & Whisk
Add Caramel Extract (Dark Caramel Deglazed in Water), Baking Powder & Flour
Put in Fridge till Afternoon
For Extra Flavour add the Tea Bag
Put 2 Big Spoons of Golden Syrup in the Tin, Fill Halfway through with the Batter
Clean the Sides of the Tin
On a Baking Tray in the Oven  
When Done, Cut the Top Serve with Vanilla Ice Cream

Beetroot Pudding:
Antioxidants Energy Aphrodisiac
Peel Beetroot, Grate
Golden Castor Sugar & Vegetable Oil are combined to make Syrup
Expensive Vanilla Pods
Separate the Eggs Yolks from the Whites
Add Grated Beetroot & Chopped Nuts (Hazelnuts, Walnuts) in the Vanilla Syrup
Mix Flour, Egg Yolks, Little Milk & Whisk
Whip the Egg Whites till Stiff Peaks Form & Gently fold in the Egg Whites with the Cake Batter just enough to make the Batter Fluffy
Pour this Mixture in the Greased Rectangular Loaf Tin
Keep the Batter to bake in the Oven on Medium Heat for about 30 Minutes
With a Brush, Apply the Diluted Apricot Jam Loosened with Little Hot Water for a Glazed effect
Cut in Slices & Serve Warm!

Fusion Version of the Classic Burnt Creme Brulee:
In a Food processor, Add Chopped Lemon Grass, Whole Vanilla Pod (No Need to Scrape the Pods), Fresh Ginger 2 Inch Piece & Whisk
To Infuse the Milk with
Add Double Cream & Milk in a Sauce Pan
Add Lemongrass-Vanilla-Ginger in it & Mix Well
Stir till it starts to Boil
Whisk Eggs & Sugar
Add Castor Sugar & Whisk
Can keep the Crème to soak in nicely & can bake just the Guests arrive
Add the Infused Milk & Whisk
Strain the Lemon Grass- Ginger-Vanilla out of the Batter
In a Shallow Ceramic Baking Dish, Pour the Batter & Keep to Bake for about 45 Minutes
When Cooked & Chilled Add the Demerara Sugar (Best for Brulee) on Top of the Brulee
With a Torch Burn the Sugar Carefully & Blow any Extra Smoke
Check to see that the top should be Crispy!

Can Add Lavender, Fresh Berries instead of the Asian Flavours

Eggnog Trifle with Mixed Berries Compote- The Traditional Trifle turned into a Decadent Dessert!

Gently mix 350 Grams of Fresh Berries (Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries or can add Cranberries during Christmas also!) with 3 Tbsp. Icing Sugar & 3 Tbsp. Grand Marnier (Orange Alcohol/Liquor) till Sugar dissolves & Coats the Berries
We would need about 12 Soft Amaretti Biscuits for this Recipe
In a Serving Bowl, Layer the Amaretti biscuits
In another Bowl, Fold 250 Grams of Mascarpone Cheese with 50 Grams of Castor Sugar early ahead & can keep it Refrigerated
In the Serving Bowl, add 6 Tbsp. of Bonne Maman Preserves like a Layer (this is one of the Good Blackberry Preserve/Concord or for a Homemade Recipe, Reduce the Fresh Berries on Stove with Sugar & Let it Cool)
Then add the Berries Mixture, Whipped Cream & Chill in Fridge

For Eggnog Custard:
In a Mixing Bowl, Whisk 2 Large Egg Yolks thoroughly
Add 2 Tbsp. Sugar, 2 Tbsp. Of Corn Flour & Whisk until Pale
In a Sauce Pan, Heat 300 Ml. of Milk till Warm but do not boil
Add this Warm Milk to the Sugar-Corn Flour Bowl & Whisk
Return this Mixture to the Sauce Pan & Heat till it Thickens
Add this Eggnog Mixture in the Bowl & Whisk
Add 3 Tbsp. Of Advocaat Liquor & ¼ Tsp. of Pure Vanilla Extract & Whisk till Smooth
Spoon this onto the Berry Trifle on top of the Whipped Cream Layer in the Trifle
Crumble the rest of the Amaretti Biscuits on top of the
Add the Rest of the Berries on Top
Dust Icing Sugar & Serve Fresh!

This Trifle has Flavours of Berries, Orange, Amaretti Biscuits, Mascarpone Cream in this Dessert

Summer Pudding:
Boil Fresh Strawberry, Blue Berries, Mulberries with Stock made with equal quantity of Water & Sugar
Strain this Mixture to get the Pulp
Pour on the Bread& Rest for some more time

Heat the Sauce with some Leftover Fruit
In Separate Pudding Moulds, Set the Soaked Bread first, then the Soaked Fruits, then the Soaked Bread on top to Chill in the Fridge
Serve with Cream


Neal’s Yard Dairy From The British Isles has a factory is located in Druid Street London
Randolph Hodgson has brought a renewed interest in Cheese making for this Generation

David Lockwood

this place has shifted the interest from the Industrial Cheeses to handmade Cheeses since 1980's
Neal's Yard Creamery brand Charie Westhead

Organic Greek Style Cheese

Hawkstone Abbey Farm run by Paul & mother Lucy Appleby
make the ancient Cheddar Cheese made from Raw Unpasteurized Milk wrapped in cloth through maturation

Mrs Kirkham's Traditional Lancashire Farm made Cheese run by Graham Kirkham
made with unpasteurized Raw Milk through use of home made starters

Wensyldale Creamery Hawks Cheese run by Richard Clark
located in a beautiful place in North Yorkshire

England's most famous Blue Cheese made only from Unpasteurized Raw Milk

Collingsthwaite Farm, a small Dairy started making Blue Cheese this way in North Nottingham

Stichelton Dairy in North Nottingham
run by Joe Schneider is reviving this tradition of Cheese making so it doesn't diminish
9 months old Cheese- as it is made with less Rennet tastes like soft Butter

Welbeck Estate run by Joe Schneider
their shop has many tourists showcases their Organic Dairy Farm & Products like the Welbeck Stichelton Cheese

Holker Farm run by Martin Gott

Perroche made from fresh, unpasteurized English Goat’s Cheese

Red Leicester Cheese

St. Gall, St. James Cheese

Spenwood Cheese

Finn Cheese

Tymsboro Cheese

Roast is an eatery located on the 1st Floor
English Breakfast Toast Sausages Bacon Eggs

In Australia:

Bob's British Butchery in Suburban Melbourne catering to the English & Ireland Taste buds

Shaun's Kitchen in Melbourne

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